Dungeons of Apshai

I think this qualifies as a 'De-make'? Take an 8bit game, and remake it to look like a 4bit game? Yes, but I'm glad I did it.

The apshai games really captured my imagination when I was a kid. I found Dungeons and Dragons interesting, but I really wanted to see what I was up against, and these games finally gave me that dungeon crawling experience that I craved.

What I love about this game here, is how simple it is. Only one weapon at a time, (though you can choose by picking up and replacing current weapons), powerups, ranged and melee attack, massive dungeons, and different and unique monsters....And if I recall, there is an end of game boss too. Runs in a window so should be playable on just about any PC around, so dont run, just crawl down and download it...

This remake is now complete, and the file can be downloaded from here