Raid on Bungeling Bay

As far as I know, this game first appeared on the C-64, but it made its way to several other platforms, including the NES.

It's an overlooked masterpiece IMHO, and I hope I have done justice to it. The premise is simple, yet execution is another thing altogether. You must destroy the 6 enemy war factories dotted around Bungeling Bay. The factories need to be precision bombed, but your helicopter is also equipped with missiles to help you combat the boats, jets, gun emplacements, tanks, and tracking stations around the map.

There are several pioneering aspects in this game. For example, the radar stations will summon jets if you don't take them out quickly enough, and the tanks and guns respawn quicker depending on the status of the war factories. It's very much a dynamic environment, almost like an early action-orientated RTS.

This remake is now complete, and the 8 MB file can be downloaded from here