Crazy Chicky
Crazy Chicky was a unique Pac-Man clone for the rare Creativision home computer (aka: Dick Smith Wizard, Funvision, and Hanimex Ramses).

You steered a chicken around the maze laying eggs instead of eating pills, all the while avoiding the foxes.

It boasted a unique 2 player cooperative mode, which was incredibly enjoyable, but also led to some very un-cooperative behaviour :)

I've re-created it for PC, minus the 2 player option (maybe one day), but with a slight twist. When you eat the 'fruit', the foxes will turn into Chickens and lay eggs for you around the maze!

There is a slight bug in it, where I implemented a bodgy fix to stop the foxes escaping the maze, and I never got around to incorporating a 'warning' flash to let you know  when the foxes would continue their attack. Otherwise I find this, my first remake project, to be quite an enjoyable game!

Screenshot below, and it can be downloaded here