Jetpack Jumble

Prove that the pen (or at least your pointer finger) is mightier than the sword (or at least robotic monstrosities)!

This is the app you need when you're out and about and your kids (or you) are bored but you dont want to look like mindless zombies slavering over your i-thingy. An action game with some spelling skills involved! Make a good word from the jumbled letters, then control the jetpack with your finger to pick up all the letters. The better the word and the faster you collect the letters, the better your attack on the robot monsters will be.

Dont bump the walls too much, and avoid or kill the various scarab beetles that inhabit each location.

Features 3 themed worlds with 27 different maps to explore and several different enemy types.

Should be available on the Apple App store soon, may even do an Android version soon if there is enough interest.