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05 May 2012:
Most games uploaded and working. Haven't been able to find Mousepuzzle yet, and still looking for Boxing source code so I can fix it for win7 and Vista but others seem to be ok.

I have been mucking around with a few prototypes for possible IOS deployment. A racing game with pseudo analog controls, and a match 3 puzzler which is a tiny bit unique so I don't want to give anything away just yet.

My plan is just to keep knocking out prototypes until I find one that I like. Still got a mouse-puzzle-like ios project just waiting for finishing touches as well :(

08 April 2012:
Wow, long time no see. Have had other priorities in life for the last 5 years...Most of these games still work in Windows 7/Vista (Boxing being the unfortunate exception). Thought I'd re-upload the site as I have been getting more interest in my games. So here we are :) Not all the downloads are uploaded yet, but will be soon

So, what's next? I am working on an IOS title, and have lots of ideas for that platform. Still enjoy remakes though and there are a couple I'd like to do, eg Dambusters, HeroQuest, or maybe a generic tactical RPG.. We'll see.

Oh, I did add one new game to the remote on the left, my little Apshai old school dungeon crawler...The levels are HUGE, but there are new baddies on each level to face...enjoy!

14 January 2007:
Been a while since I've updated my page, so here goes:
Finished 'Gumball' for the Retro Remakes competition 2006. Go to the link on the right to get the download link
Also put a few finishing touches on an old project of mine called 'Retrosmash'. Linkage left.
Final bit of news is that I guess I've lost a lot of motivation to continue remaking...Over the last few months I've half-heartedly started and stopped several projects (including Dambusters), but my mind is elsewhere (family, work, etc). I may enter a competition at some point, but till then, I'm probably hanging up my remaking mouse/keyboard. There's plenty of talent emerging in the community though, and I'll certainly be keeping my eyes on the scene. It's been a great and rewarding compulsion and many thanks to my comrades who've shared the road with me. Thanks also to those who've sent me feedback emails about the games: that makes it all worth while :) Peace out :)

16 May 2006:
Finished a couple more games. Firstly there's Rally-X, a nice smooth scrolling racing game that's kinda marginally related to Pacman, but don't let that put you off trying it...it's much more interesting and features 16 levels spread across 4 unique maps.
Also, Fishing Derby, a remake that is just a fun one or two-player fish-off. It also includes a kids mode to keep the youngsters engaged for a few minutes.
Also, for anyone interested in having a go at creating their own Retro Remake, well, the annual competition over at www.retroremakes.com is about to begin. Looks like there is going to be some great interest this year, not to mention some great prizes....I highly recommend any one with a hankering, get in and have a go as it's an excellent way to enter the remakes scene, and has a community that's hard to beat! I hope to be remaking "Dambusters" if things go to plan.

14 December 2005:
Finished a couple of games. Firstly there's Forbidden Forest, a 3D re-imagining of the old Cosmi classic.
Also, Final Approach, a considerably beefed up version of an old Atari 2600 title. It uses Air Traffic Control principles, but with some extra 'gamey' features, and I think, some nice modern graphics. Both have pages accessable from the remote control above, and downloads are available.
Also, started work on a little gamed called 'BMX Flyer', which was a very cool and colourful handheld game back in 1983. No page yet, but shouldn't take too long to complete.

20 August, 2005:
Lots of news to catch up on!
Firstly, I've finished two games in the last few months; Squirtee and Star Wars-One Switch
Squirtee is a remake of an old Creativision/Dick Smith Wizzard game called Air Sea Attack. I added a few modern innovations and came up with I hope, a very playable game
Secondly, My Star Wars game lets you play the original arcade version, but with only one button, the space bar. It's designed for people with mobility/coordination issues, but fun for anyone I think!

Finally, I've also started on a remake of the Hero Quest board game. Slow going so far, but all movement and basic graphics are implemented. Next step is to add in lots of monster/hero animations.
01 May, 2005:
Mission complete! Well,my reworked version of Rambo has been released as version 1.0A!
Turned out pretty well I think...there's a few rough edges but basically a playable and
carnage filled blast!
You can grab it from the rambo page.
6 Mar 2005:
Quickie update, AI is now serviceable, and largely similar to the original. Just adding a few tweaks to minimise too much bouncing off coconut trees :)
There's a new screenie on the Rambo page.,
28 Feb, 2005:
Well I think I've overcome a few issues with Rambo, he's not the easiest character to get along with :) Water is now looking ok, just needs a few colour tweaks for a bit more realism. Work on AI starts tomorrow :)
I've sent out an early alpha for testing and review, if anyone else would like to get a feeling for the WASD/Mouse controls, and a look at the graphics, contact me and I'll give you details. I'd expect some feedback of course ;)
17 Feb, 2005:
Not much too say, just thought I'd add a rough news section to this page.
Well I could let you know I suppose, that Rambo is coming along ok. Got the collisions working perfectly now, all weapons coded, and most of the object gfx done
I'm now about to put the waterways in, such as the moat, and river. Then it'll be onto the AI! ,
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