2006: Year of Tibet in Australia and New Zealand

Dawn, January 1, 2006 at Woodford Folk FestivalThe Dalai Lama’s Representative, Mr Tenzin Atisha, launched the Year of Tibet at the Woodford Folk Festival.
As dawn broke on 1 January at the Woodford Folk Festival in rural Queensland, monks from the Namgyal Monastery, welcomed the New Year with Tibetan chanting and prayers.
Mr Tenzin Atisha, from the Tibet Information Office in Canberra, announced that 2006 would be celebrated as the Year of Tibet in Australia and New Zealand. He then read a message from the Dalai Lama, welcoming the support for the Tibetan cause and confirming that he will visit in 2007.
The Namgayl Monks will be undertaking a Songs of the Mandala tour over the months of January, February and March with Tibetan performer, Tenzin Choegyal. Itinerary details are available on Tenzin Choegyal’s website http://www.tenzinchoegyal.com/.

Message from the Dalai Lama for the Year of Tibet in Australia & New Zealand:

I am delighted to learn from the Tibet Information Office in Canberra that the year 2006 is being observed as the Year of Tibet in Australia and New Zealand.
On behalf of Tibetans, both in and outside Tibet, I wish to express my appreciation to you all for your continuing interest and support in our non-violent efforts for freedom and justice.
I understand that members of the Parliamentary Group for Tibet as well as some other parliamentarians, at both the Federal and State level, actively support the present process of dialogue to produce concrete results for a settlement to the Tibetan issue.
As a Tibetan I have the moral responsibility to make every effort to bring an end to the sufferings of my people. I remain committed in finding a lasting solution that will mutually benefit the Tibetans as well as Chinese peoples.
I also want to thank the Tibetan Support Groups and Dharma Centres in Australia and New Zealand for their support in our efforts for the protection and preservation of our Tibetan identity, culture, the fragile environment, and towards finding a mutually acceptable solution to the issue of Tibet.
As you may have heard, I have accepted an invitation to visit Australia and New Zealand in 2007, and I look forward to it.

December 21, 2005

For further information
Contact: Australia Tibet Council
Phone: +61 2 9283 3466
Fax: +61 2 9283 3846
Email: tibetcouncil@atc.org.au

2006 Programme

Vajraling Community Buddhist Group under the spiritual direction of Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche
Programme for first 3 months

Monday night class (Beardy St room) Starts Monday 9th jan at 7pm meditation practice with maxine 16th meditation practise with Diane

Calm Abiding Course starts Monday 23rd at 7pm This 8 week course has been compiled by Lama Choedak and will be presented by Scott. Scott besides being a clinical psychologist and Buddhist for many years was founder of the Marpa meditation centre in Taree.He has been trained to run this course by Lama Choedak. The course covers all aspects of meditation and mindfulness techniques.Please ring Scott for more details
(02) 6772 7721

Tuesday 10th Jan(Beardy St room) 7pm (also Fridays) An 8 week course on the 12 links of Dependent Origination This course will be facilitated by Emilia and the material will be from a series of talks given by Lama Choedak. This will include listening to a CD followed by discussion. This will give us a great background to Zasep Rinpoches talk on the same subject. For more details please ring Emilia (02) 6772 0828

Wednesday 25th Jan 7pm-*note every 2nd Wedesday only* (Beardy St room) Practical Buddhism for everyday life with Pedro This ongoing and lively course run by Pedro covers LoJong (Buddhist Mind training) and is presented in a spirit of exploration and engagement in daily life practise which reflects Pedros many years of study and commitment. Contact Pedro for more details (02) 6771 3016

Thurday evening ACI course and Heart yoga starting date not yet known. Will keep you posted or contact Ben (02) 6771 2418

Friday 12th January 6pm satsang (devotional singing). This will be led by Jim and guaranteed to open the heart.
at Beardy St room followed by snack bring a plate to be followed by 12 links of Dependent Origination with Emilia.

Sunday morning Jan 15th ongoing
Heart Yoga with maxine starts at 9.30am

Many thanks, love and metta for 2006 maxine

Teaching shedule for Zasep Rinpoche

Venerable Zasep Tulku RinpocheHere is the current provisional Teaching shedule for Zasep Rinpoche

Please note that this may yet change a little bit, we will keep you posted
Everyone welcome to attend. Costs have not been finalised yet.

Public talk on Karma 7pm in Amidale


Initiation of Lama Je Tsong Khapa at 2pm at Vajra Ling

SUNDAY MARCH 12th 10am- 5pm
Teachings on Lama Tsong Khapa Sadhana at Vajra Ling


Teachings on Dependent Origination (12 Links of Wheel of Life) in Vajra Ling

Green Tara initiation 7pm at Vajra Ling

Four Arm Chenrezig initiation 7pm at VajraLing


White Manjushri initiation initiation 7pm at Vajraling

March 18th and 19th SATURDAY AND SUNDAY at Vajraling
10am -5pm Take 8 Mahayana Precepts and practise White Manjushri Sadhana.
People can do this as a fasting retreat for both days or optional eat one
meal per day.

Rinoche said ‘this practise is very good for improving the memory and
purification of the mind’.

For more inquires about Vajraling or bookings please contact Maxine
maxine@bluepin.net.au or 67785038
or Diane dthompson@homecare.nsw.gov.au 67726674
Pedro release@exemail.com.au 67713016