Lama Rigzin

Lama Rigzin

Lama Rigzin trained as a Tibetan monk for almost 25 years under the guidance of many great Lamas. He speaks fluent English and is currently working as a translator in Sydney. Lama Rigzin has been teaching Buddhism in Australia for over five years.

His earthy lifestyle and happiness in sharing the precious and timely teachings of the Buddha makes his talks enjoyable and very pragmatic.

Friday 7th July – Public Talk on “The Power of Forgiveness”

Learning to forgive is a profound spiritual practice. The grudges we hold poison our heart and keep us in a state of suffering, forgiveness is the road to peace.

“The weak can never forgive

Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Time: 7.00pm

Place: Armidale Community Buddhist Centre (next door to the Mandarin restaurant, white door, upstairs)

Cost: $5.00

There will be a light supper provided after the talk.

Saturday 8th July – A Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life, Chapt 3

On Saturday Lama Rigzin will be giving a commentary on the third chapter from Master Shantideva’s “A Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life”. This chapter completes the preliminaries to generate Bodhimind, the altruistic aspiration to become a fully enlightened being in order to help others, then explains how to take Bodhisattva vows and what to do thereafter.

Time: 8.30am – 3.30pm

Place: Vajra Ling, Rocky River

Cost: $50.00 (includes morning tea, please bring own lunch or lunch to share)

For bookings and further information please call Dianne on 6772 6674 or Justine on 0429 729 466 or email

Karma Lhundup Rinpoche

Karma Lhundrup RinpocheNgakpa Karma Lhundup Rinpoche was born in 1959 in upper Mustang in an area sacred to Guru Padmasambhava. Soon after his birth, Karma’s mother opened a sealed earthen buy cialis 20mg jar of traditional “birth beer” and a blazing fire came out of the jar. This was understood to mean that the child could be a reincarnation of a powerful yogi. He is from the Nyingma school of Buddhism and is a master of Dzogchen and Chod.

Friday 23rd June 2006
Public Talk on “Loving Kindness and Compassion”

When: 7.30pm
Where – ACBC, 211 Beardy St, Armidale (near Mandarin Restaurant, white door, up the stairs)
Cost: $5 donation

Saturday 24th June – Dzogchen Teaching

Sunday 25th June – Chod Practice

When: 10am – 5pm each day
Where: Vajra Ling, Rocky River
Cost: $80 for both days or $50 for one day

Bring lunch to share, morning and afternoon teas provided


Pot Luck Dinner with Rinpoche.

Saturday Night at Vajra Ling

6 – 8pm, bring a plate to share

DZOGCHEN is the consummate practice of Tibetan Buddhism. It derives from the Maha Ati Tantra, and represents the nondual, or absolute/ultimate teaching of pure and total intrinsic awareness, innate wakefulness. Dzogchen is considered, in Tibet, an advanced and secret teaching. Today it is said by certain senior Tibetan lamas to be “a teaching for our time”, because it is direct, immediate, adaptable and profound: a naked awareness practice applicable to any circumstance or situation, and easily integrated into modern life.

CHOD: In the chöd practice we transform into the deity and cut our illusory body and offer it to all the enlightened and sentient beings. Offering our body in this way allows us to cut attachment to ego and cultivate generosity toward others. Through this practice we cut through our misunderstanding of our own real condition and reconnect to our own true nature. If one is practicing chod correctly, pride and arrogance lessen, attachment to compulsory attractions, worldliness, samsara and its eight worldly concerns decrease. As the eight worldly dharmas fall off, one is only thinking about dharma.


Contact Ruth or Michael on 6772 1106 or Pedro 6771 3016 or Maxine 6778 5038 if you need directions to Vajra Ling or have any inquiries