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Windows Mobile Birthday to Calendar Application

This page is for people who have a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device who dont / cant use outlook on their computer to create reminders from the birthday and anniversary parameters set on their contacts.

Simply install it to your PDA / SmartPhone and click the Update button to automatically create / update the appointments, it works by assigning each Appointment which it creates to a category called "From Contact", this way it can inteligently update them on the next update, so they dont need to be deleted and recreated everytime.

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The program should work with any Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device which has Pocket Outlook (Contacts and Calendar) installed, minimum resolution required 320x240

NOTE: This program uses the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5, if you dont already have it installed you can get it here:

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History & Info

There is a whirlpool thread dedicated to this program here.

2.4.0 - 25/10/2009
* Made alterations to font sizes in some places to make more room for other languages
* Added age label to Custom Contacts Add / Edit
* Made Custom Contacts Date Time Picker use 4 digit year so it is editable
* Increased Ends limit to 100 years for birthdays in the past
* Other minor changes / fixes

2.3.0 - 24/10/2009
* Fixed bug where editing would not work for custom contacts (thanks to lajoiema for letting me know)

2.2.0 - 24/10/2009
* Added Sensitivity and Ends after occurances for Birthdays, and Anniversaries in settings
* Made some changes to control widths to allow more space for other languages
* Bug fixed when creating new custom contact and cancelling (the contact use to still be created as blank, this no longer happens)
* Added built in language support for German (thanks to FrEcP from xda-developers for this)
* Changes to language file listing have been made, you can download the new english list here:
* Other minor bug fixes and enhancements
* STILL NO Facebook Birthday linking, I will get around to it, I promise...

2.1.0 - 20/09/2009
* Changed settings so that processing contact birthdays and anniversaries are independent of processing custom contact
* Fixed a few minor things not being converted by language localisation
* Other minor updates and fixes
* Now contains the French language files built in (Special thanks Woaloo for the language conversion file to french)

2.0.0 - 18/09/2009
* Custom Birthday / Anniversaries can now be added, these are seperate to your contact, use the list button and then select Menu - New Custom to add one
* Custom cotnacts appear as green icons in view list
* Context menu added to view list
* Heaps of other minor additions or fixes
* Custom contacts are saved under Application Data\BirthdayToCalendar\contacts.dat
* Settings file is saved under Application Data\BirthdayToCalendar\settings.dat

1.9.5 - 18/09/2009
* Now support multi languages files with icons, see thread here for more info:
* Other minor enhacements

1.9.1 - 17/09/2009
* You can now view / edit contacts by clicking a selected item in the view birthdays / anniversaries
* Extra setting added for making appointments at start of day instead of all day for reminded / non reminded apointments
* Extra setting added "Show All Contacts in View" will show contacts without birthdays or anniversaries allowing to set them if needed (they always sort to the end except when sorting by name)
* Dirty checking is now performed on the settings so you only get asked to update contacts if you make a change to relevant settings

1.9 - 16/09/2009
* Multi column sorting now supported in view (sorting by another column will not interfere with current sort order of items which are equal for that column)
* Option added to select status for birthdays and appointments
* Sometimes appointments would update when there was no need for them to be updated - fixed
* Bug where appointments could not be edited is now fixed for sure (please remove and update if you have this issue)
* Progress bar now shown when loading contacts for viewing of birthdays / anniversaries

1.8 - 15/09/2009
* Status now defaults to Free instead of Busy
* Minor bug fix where appointments could not be edited (End date before start date)

1.7 - 14/09/2009
* Icons now used in view list view

1.6 - 10/09/2009
* Ability to intelligently update appointments
* View birthdays and anniversaries
* Settings for alarms

1.0 - 6/09/2009
* Ability to create appointments

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Here are some screenshots of the Birthday to Calendary program

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To use the program simply copy the CAB file to your device and run it, the usual install process will occur.

NOTE: This program uses the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5, if you dont already have it installed you can get it here:

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You can download the latest version of the Birthday to Calendar here

Download Link:

Birthday to Calendar
Filename: BirthdayToCalendarInstall.CAB
Size: 136 KB
Uploaded: October 25, 2009
This file has been downloaded 317 (317) times
It was last downloaded on Mon, 07 May 2018 08:35:48 +1000