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DirectX Water Screen Saver

This program is a screensaver and will provide a nice looking water effect on your desktop, it can even produce spectrum analysers and osilloscopes to the music you are playing

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Here are some screenshots of the screen saver:

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Name	About.jpg
Size	393x207
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393 x 207 px
80.47 Kbyte(s)
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Name	Bars Spectrum Analyser.jpg
Size	1440x900
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Bars Spectrum Analyser.jpg

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1440 x 900 px
555.84 Kbyte(s)
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Name	Lines Spectrum Analyser.jpg
Size	1440x900
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Lines Spectrum Analyser.jpg

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1440 x 900 px
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Name	Points Spectrum Analyser.jpg
Size	1440x900
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Points Spectrum Analyser.jpg

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Name	Screen Saver.jpg
Size	1441x900
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Screen Saver.jpg

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Name	Traditional Spectrum Analyser.jpg
Size	1440x900
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Traditional Spectrum Analyser.jpg

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Name	Background Settings.jpg
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Background Settings.jpg

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Name	Display Settings.jpg
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Display Settings.jpg

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Name	General Settings.jpg
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General Settings.jpg

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Name	Performance Settings.jpg
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Performance Settings.jpg

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Name	Sound Processing Settings.jpg
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Sound Processing Settings.jpg

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Simply extract the file from the zip file, right click on it and select Install.

If you have problems running the program due to missing DLLs you may need to update your DirectX version, you can do that by going here:

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History & Info

There is a whirlpool thread dedicated to this program here.

64MB of Ram
Intel Pentium II or Higher
Video Card capable of pixel shader V2.0
Latest DirectX
Windows XP/Vista/7 Operating System

You can run the program in interactive mode by clicking the interactive mode
button in the configuration, or by specifing /I on the command-line, while
in interactive mode, these keys are available:

ESC - Close the program
G - Toggle GOO mode on / off
E - Compensate for edges so effect is applied to entire screen
[ - Decrease maximum displacement
] - Increase maximum displacement
; - Decrease range of gradient check
' - Increase range of gradient check
, - Decrease Gradient Amount
. - Increase Gradient amount
F - Turn on / off performance information (top / left of screen)
D - Change displacement filter mode (quality)
T - Change texture filter mode (quality)
S - Turn the spectrum analyser on / off
M - Change the spectrum analyser mode

Moving the mouse while in this mode will also place ripples, hold your
left mouse button down to make the ripples deeper.

* Added oscilloscope and more options to spectrum analyser
* Fixed spectrum analyser so its more accurate
* Added more options
* Rearranged the options into tabs
* Added version check link in ABout Box
* Optimised code even further so it runs smoother (ID3DXLine is now used, this gives a 25% speed-up)
* Various other minor bug fixes fixed

* First official release version

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You can download the latest version of the DirectX Water Screen Saver here

Compatible with WIN32/64-bit (WinXP/Vista/Win7) Only

Download Link:

DirectX Water Screen Saver
Size: 709 KB
Uploaded: April 13, 2010
This file has been downloaded 460 (460) times
It was last downloaded on Sun, 20 May 2018 09:30:07 +1000