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Fly Simulator Program

This program is just for a bit of fun really, it puts larvae and flies on your screen, and they buzz around your cursor interactively, you can even get the paper and swat them if you like :)

Currently they can go through the whole breeding cycle, they actually get on top of one another then lay larvae, the larvae grow and hatch, the fly (hopefully) gets to breed, and then the fly gets older and dies.

All the options are accessible via the system tray (Right Click), if you need to exit the program quickly, simply double click on the tray icon.

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Flies Desktop Screenshot

System Tray Icon
Flies Systray Screen Shot

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Simply run the Fly.EXE file that is inside the ZIP file, you can specify a single command-line option as a number for the amount of larvae to start off with, defaults to 20.

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You can download the latest version of Flys here

Compatible with WIN32 Only

Download Link:

Fly (Win32 Executable)
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Uploaded: September 04, 2008
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