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Hardware Monitor Application

This program allows you to monitor your PCs health remotely or locally, as well any traffic on your UPnP enabled router. It uses some open source projects:

Open Hardware Monitor open source library.

Managed UPnP Open Source library.

It will allow you do these things:

  • See the state of your computers hardware including Fan Speeds, Voltages, Temperatures, and Clock Speeds
  • See the Download and upload speed of your UPnP enabled router / ADSL modem
  • Inject this data into the windows performance monitors
  • Remotely view this data via a browser window using the built in HTTP server
  • Minimize the program to try so you can mouse over the system tray icon to get a quick view of your computers stats
  • The program uses minimal resources while it is minimized

Best of all, this program is completely freeware and is free to use for any purpose (but dont use it for life critical applications as I take no responsibility for that)

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Information and Usage

There is a whirlpool thread dedicated to this program here.

512GB of Ram
Intel Pentium III or Higher
Video Card capable of 800x600 or higher resolution.
XP SP3 / Win7 / WinVista (32 or 64-bit) Operating System
.NET 4.0 Runtime Installed

256MB of Ram
Intel Pentium II or Higher
Video Card capable of 800x600 or higher resolution.
XP SP3 / Win7 / WinVista (32 or 64-bit) Operating System
.NET 4.0 Runtime Installed

* Smoother motion for the fan instrument
* Added unique instruments for these sensor types: Factor, Data, Flow, Power.

* Updated to new Open Hardware Monitor base code (from July this year)
* Add instruments for Hardware.SensorType of Flow, Control, Level, Factor, Power, Data

* Added device information action to UPnP traffic meters
* Fixed minor memory leak in custom tray hint code
* Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

* Added settings dialog for HTTP server (ie, port, username, password)
* Added check for new version function
* Fixed bugs in relation to the program not shutting down properly sometimes due to HTTP server
* Other minor bug fixes.

* Bugs fixed with HTTP server bug fixed where instruments would not show in HTTP server until main window was displayed.
* Server now detects if javascript is available in the client and uses it to update instead of the meta tag, this makes for a much smoother operation.
* Problem fixed where program would not shut down properly in some instances.
* Header text added to HTTP server identifying machine name.
* Other minor bug fixes.

* This version has a tiny HTTP server built in (your computer may ask you to confirm the firewall settings when it loads, you can choose to just keep it local if you want), basically, navigate to http://localhost:9999 from the machine your running HWMonitor (or you can navigate using any browser and pointing it to your machine on port 9999). The HTTP server will serve up a PNG image of your HW Monitor, its set to refresh every 5 seconds via the auto redirect meta data tag.
* I tested it on my iPad and iPhone, works like a charm.

* Each instrument now has the option to toggle Performance Counters on and off, performance counters are created under the Hardware Monitor (TheToid) category, unfortunately I could not create a new counter for each instrument (due to the limitation of the performance monitor in windows). So I had to create each instrument as a new instance (youll see how it works when you look at it in performance monitor.)
* All Performance Counters are OFF by default, performance counters will update whether or not the instrument is hidden or shown in HW Monitor.
* Other minor bug fixes

* Extra threading added so that all sensor updating is done in separate thread, this makes the fans much smoother (They don't jitter every time it updates which is great for Fastest updating mode).
* Bug fixed where removing instrument before instrument which is forced to new line, the instrument on the new line would temporarily move up a line (thanks to Jack to Tripper for finding this one)
* Bug fixed where instrument buttons would remain shown after using right click context menu
* Other minor bug fixes

* All sensor instruments can now have a line history graph turned on or off for them
* You can now force individual instruments / groups to a new line
* Buttons added to corners of instruments (move cursor over edges of instrument to show buttons, theses buttons are Hide, Toggle Graph, and toggle Force to New Line)
* Move cursor over graphs for detailed information of plot point
* Fixed problem when viewing instruments in system tray and showing main window when it was previous scrolled
* Fixed problem with sort dragging in certain instances
* All functions are still accessible through the right click context sensitive menu
* Other minor enhancements / fixes

* Instruments can now be dragged within their group to resort them
* Instrument groups can now be dragged to re-order the groups
* Sorting is saved and loaded when the program is closed or opened
* New menu items added to reset sorting various ways (with in a group, groups only, or all)
* Enhancements made to interface to make it cleaner and smoother
* Other minor bug fixes

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You can download the latest version of HW Monitor here. ZIPped EXE:

Compatible with WIN32/WIN64 (XP, Vista, or Windows 7) using .NET 4.0
(You may need the .NET 4.0 runtime to run this program, you can download it here: Offline Installer or Web Installer)

Hardware Monitor (ZIPped EXE)
Size: 335 KB
Uploaded: August 08, 2012
This file has been downloaded 841 (841) times
It was last downloaded on Thu, 21 Jun 2018 11:46:48 +1000