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Welcome to my corner of the world, here you will find things related to coding / programming. I have made some plug-ins for Trillian Pro along with a Delphi 6/7 Framework, a couple of MIDP Games for nokia phones as well some usage meters for a couple of Australian ISPs.

Also dont forget to check out my photos under the Image Galleries section. Enjoy your stay and place a post in the Discussion Forums if you like with comments and suggestions.

About Me

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My name is Aaron Lee Murgatroyd, I am 26 years of age and I know a few programming languages, namely, Microsoft Visual Basic, Delphi, C, C# and C++, Java, PHP, as well as Database Development and large scale Application Deployment.

In my spare time, I like to work on things like this that help other people learn programming. Hope this stuff helps you out.

My Curriculum Vitae

If you would like to download my CV or Resume you can download the PDF here:

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NOTE: All private details have been removed from this document, if you are an employer and wish to obtain the private version please e-mail me to the address specified in the resume.