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About MIDP Games (Nokia Mobile Games)

Welcome to my MIDP games section, this section provides a few games that i have made in Java for my phone, please read this page for information on compatibility and installation.

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All of the MIDP games on this site require a Nokia Series 40 phone or better, whether it be a 1st edition or a 2nd edition. To find out what series your nokia phone is please go to the Nokia Forums Website and select your phone model from the Device Specifications list under Resources on the left hand side of the page. After you have selected it the page will change and just under the Nokia XXXX image you will find out what series and edition your mobile phone is.

For example, i have a Nokia 6230 phone, if you select the 6230 from the list described above you will see that my phone is a Series 40 2nd edition. The games may also run on a Series 60 phone, but i have not tested them.

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The download files are ZIP files, you must extract these first before uploading the JAD and JAR files to your phone. To upload these files you will need a copy of the Nokia PC Suite and a connectivity method for your phone, the methods you can use to upload to your phone include:

  • Infra-Red - Your phone and computer must have an infra-red port
  • Bluetooth - Your phone and computer must have Bluetooth
  • Directly by cable - You will need to source and find the cable for your phone

You can download the Nokia PC Suite for your phone for free from the Nokia Website by finding your phone model and selecting the Support and Software for Owners link on the left hand side.

If you dont have any of the connectivity options available to you, you can purchase these from most computer stores, if your phone has Bluetooth i recommend you get a Bluetooth adapter for your computer (about $80 AUS), as Infrared ports are becomming few and far between, and require a lot more knowledge to setup.

Once you have connectivity and the Nokia PC Suite you can use the Nokia Application Installer to install the JAD and JAR (from within the downloaded ZIP file) onto your phone.

NOTE: The games will be installed into your Collection folder under Applications on your phone, not under Games (which are reserved for official Nokia games only).