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Mini Exetel Usage Meter

This page is for people who are customers of Exetel Pty. Ltd. internet service providers and wish to install a light program to provide them with basic quota usage information.

The program creates a simple to use window which can be docked to the edge of the screen and auto hide so it isnt obstructing your valuable screen space when you arent using it.

You can also have it set to be glued to the desktop, so that it will never obstruct your view

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History & Info

There is a whirlpool thread dedicated to this program here.

64MB of Ram
Intel Pentium II or Higher
Video Card capable of 800x600 or higher resolution.
Windows 2000/XP Operating System

32MB of Ram
Intel Pentium or Equiviliant / ( 100-200 Mhz )
Video Card capable of 800x600 or higher resolution.
Windows NT/2000/XP Operating System

* Added extra tab to options - "Data Usage" this contains various settings to override your plans structure if it is not detected properly

* Fixed the detection of some plans so that off-peak is now detected as unlimited (hopefully this wont affect other plans)

* Billing cycle start is now used to determine start of month, exetel are sending invalid daily data so this is a requirement

* Fixed the "External Links" -> "Account Information" item

* Added billing cycle start box under Fees & Charges in the options - NOTE: This option is only a hint value, if the start of the billing cycle can be determined using another method it will override this setting.

* Fixed a potential bug with contracts that start after the 28th of the month, this should affect the first month of your contract only

* Fixed a potential bug with the time remaining when exetel return too much history data

* Fixed problems with new accounts which have unlimited off-peak so that you can control the psuedo limit on your off-peak limit (before it defaulted to 85 GB) (please run the test in the options to set your "dummy" off-peak quota)

* Sometimes the program would not save its settings upon closing resulting in old data when the program is next opened until it updated, this should now be fixed

* Reverted back to old method of pro-rata calculation - the new method wasnt comatible with some plans, unfortunately, exetel does not provide enough information to give accurate pro-rata data for first month

* Pro-Rata calculation issues fixed for first month

* Meter should now work properly for the PAYG plans (ie. A-PAYU and so forth).

* Peak is now called Total for NON Peak / Off-Peak plans
* Percentage text (next to bar) is now centered for NON Peak / Off-Peak Plans
* NOTE: Sorry for the successive updates. This will be the last update for now unless Exetel change something or something else is wrong

* Plans that are still on calendar month should now be detected properly

* Should now work for NON Peak / Off-Peak plan types, please let me know if it dosnt.

* Fixed graphs to reflect new billing cycle 28th - 27th
* Fixed calculation of Peak and Off-Peak
* Exetel did not implement requested changes for NON Peak / Off-Peak plans, therefore they still report seperately for these plans, however I will be releasing a new update to fix this issue soon.

* Increased both Peak and OFf-Peak manual limit setting maximum to 1000 GB

* Fixed OCV plans which have no OffPeak limits, for these plans off-peak is not measured against a total and is only displayed
* Other minor enhancements

* Fixed window drag bug where the window would move incorrectly when dragging it around with the mouse
* Other minor fixes

* Added extra option to Fees tab for admin fee of $3.00, please tick this box if exetel charges you the three dollars. NOTE: Just because exetel say they are in your payment details in, does not mean they are actually charging you, please check your invoices to make sure
* Removed all reference to 7am-7pm and 7pm-7am for unlimited accounts, now referenced as Peak and Off-Peak, also removed excess charge calculation for unlimited plans for Off-Peak period as Exetel no longer charge for them
* Very old Business Unlimited plans are not longer supported in this version
* Thanks to everyone who contacted me with these issues

* Fixed E-Mail account name retrieval problem where only the last email would be retreived for use in the combo box in the email accounts setup

* If an error occurs the status text will give a short error description in brackets if available (no longer needed to hold your mouse of the status)
* Tray icon will show error state (default colour red) if data is out of date OR if an error occured during last update.

* You can now view details of charts while viewing main window from system tray, simply leave your cursor over the icon until the main window shows, then hold control/alt/shift combination and move cursor on to graph, the hint window will not disappear until you have released all of alt/ctrl/shift (thanks to tyler from WP for this suggestion)
* Made it easier to get details for graph bars which are ver small (vertical position of cursor is irrelavent you only need to be on the bar horizontally)
* Added extra color to SysTray icon when showing usage, by default the icon will go a light shade of red if the data is out of date
* Other minor bug fixes / enhancements

* New Menu option added: Menu - Appearance - Show Usage in SysTray Icon when Minimized to Tray
* New color settings added for Usage in Systray icons under Options - Colors
* This new setting will show three vertical bars in the system tray icon when the app is minimized to tray, from left to right they are - Peak usage, Off-Peak Usage, Billing Cycle

* Default Off-Peak Quote (used when on new plan with changing off-peak quotas) has been changed to 85 gig, this is a temporary measure until exetel fixes the XML file

* Fixed minor issues with exetels website changing (sometimes updates would result in invalid data)
* Made changes to update engine
* Other minor issues or udpates

* Fixed problem with Internet Explorer 8 (only one update would work), Windows was returning error code 126 (Module not found) on every call to the HTTPOpenRequest API function except the first, error is now ignored, everything works OK, go figure???

* Fixed problem where settings would not save on shutdown / restart

* Fixed due to change in Exetels XML file

* Credit card charge is now $3.00
* New option in fees and charges tab / page allowing you to ignore first month pro-ratering (default is NOT to ignore)
* Other minor enhancements
* Sorry HSPA is not implemented yet

* Fixed previously introduced bug where non monthly graphs would not show any data when holding, shift, ctrl, alt combinations

* Fixed minor issue where new months data would not be shown until at least one day of data from the Exetel in the XML file for the new month

* Fixed off peak quota - it is now determined from the download data, it wasnt before, i must have missed this :) Thanks to Gregory for helping me fix this.

* Added 12 monthly totals graph, hold Ctrl + Shift to show it
* 12 Monthly exetel external graph removed
* Update times have been shortened to 3 hours, once this is load tested by exetel we will be moving to 2 hours, and then hopefully 1
* Other minor enhacements and bug fixes

* Fixed projected monthly downloads which werent reflecting properly
* Other minor fixes and updates
* I will now start negotiating with exetel to increase allowed update frequency

* Official release of the new Mini Usage Meter version
* Now updates every 4 hours when using smart udpates, this may be reduced to 2 or 1 hour in a future version

* The new version is now out of beta!
* Now uses new link provided by exetel (,password)
* Many minor changes and updates
* Thanks to MCE and everyone else for testing it for me

* (BETA) Oops left the conditional define on!

* Now uses new link provided by exetel (,password)
* Many minor changes and updates

* Changed update interval to adhere to exetels requirements

* Exetel changed the Udpated at field slightly (added AEDST after the text it stopped working, this is fixed)
* Alter vertical position of text items in main view so they are centered better

* Changed detail data link from "" to "" (exetel isnt updating the old one anymore apparently)
* Minor fix to the update process where when using the download button in the update window the dialog appears behind the update window cause it isnt on top, changed in next version so that it hides the update window, NOTE: This will still be problem for this update, just move the dialog that is behind so you can see it for this update.

* Data Valid to field now reflects the correct data
* Smart Update has been changed to update every hour (it still has the smarts in it so that not everyone tries to update at the same time, so please use it, otherwise the exetel server may be brought down, as it has happened before!!, then i will get into trouble! :) )
* Manual update interval now allows for 1 and 2 hour intervals
* Other minor updates and fixes

* Fixed bugs due to more changes in Exetel website, when will they leave it alone!! :)
* Fixed testing in Wizard so it now displays properly
* Changed default off peak quota to 48gb

* Fixed web page processing for new exetel website
* Web page page processing should now be more robust for when exetel changes the pages (but not foolproof)
* Processing of pages should be slightly faster now
* Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

* Now supports UnWired accounts :) Thanks to Scott who sent me the debug info so I could get it working! :)
* Other minor visual bug fixes

* Fixed minor bug when in options mode for setup wizard where quotas page wouldnt update when it was the default
* Update date and quota amount on quotas page in options
* Its friday night, im done :)

* Updated program for new AUP so that Update Off-Peak Quota from AUP works

* Fixed problem with monthly rollover not updating, although this was my fault, it wouldnt have happened if Exetel hadnt of stuffed me around, apologies...

* Excess usage charges are now calculated on a Part There Of basis
* Spelling of "Appearence" has been changed to "Appearance", damn my feeble brain... LOL

* Program now supports minimize to tray, simply right click on window and select the "Minimize to Tray" menu, hovering your cursor over the tray icon will show the window in the same state as it would be if it was shown, right clicking the icon show the main menu, left clicking the icon shows the main window back where it was before you minimized it to tray
* Minor possible redraw bugs fixed
* !!IMPORTANT NOTE!!: Minimize to tray option is in its infancy, please let me know if you find any bugs with it

* Still having more problems with exetel changing the link, hopefully they are happy now...

* More optimal server management (dosnt take as long to download the updates)
* Colours are fully customizable (using the Options menu item, NOT the Setup Wizard)

* Exetel changed a few things on their website, the biggest problem was they changed the link and changed the way logins are performed (the old method dosnt work very well), problems are all fixed now, once again :)

* Fixed bug to slight change in Exetels web server where program would fail on initial update, this may fix other problems people were having when they first start using the program
* Could be other minor fixes i cant remember !! :D

* Fixed Off-Peak quota from AUP Usage
* Miscellaneous other fixes

* Fixed problem with reverse mouse buttons where the right click menu wouldnt work

* Fixed Off-Peak Allowance Retrieval to work with new Exetel AUP Page
* Fixed off peak defaults which are now 36 GB
* Fixed problem with detecting UNLIMITED plan

* Exetel changed their website in the account information, field "Included Download Limit (Mbyte)" is now called "'Peak Download Limit (Mbyte)'", this caused problems with detecting peak quotas, the program caches this values however (which is why no one has found the problem), but for new installers the peak would be detected as 0, this version fixes this problem
* When the usage meter failed to update it used to wait only 30 seconds before trying again, this is now changed to 10 minutes for a normal update, and 5 minutes for an initial update
* Fixed Check for New version form not showing in Alt-Tab
* Added Options menu item (this will show the wizard in options mode, allowing you to freely change settings without going through the steps)
* Switched graph Peak and Off-Peak colours to beter reflect meter bar colours...

* Position fixing code has been removed and replaced with special global shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+PAUSE/BREAK, hit this key combination if for some reason you cannot access your Mini Exetel Usage Meter window (this should fix problems people were having with multiple windows)
* Bug found, Key Hooking was only functioning for one active window, this can be a major problem if you have two profiles open at once and set them both to Non-Interactive mode, you will never be able to get one of them out of Non-Interactive mode as the first window made Non-Interactive will not respond to the ALT-PAUSE/BREAK shortcut key, this is now rectified by sending a windows message to all other Mini Exetel Usage meter windows containing the details of the global key hook keypress, so it should be fixed
* Minor other bug fixes

* Minor bug fix when monthly download would fail, it would say it was 39 thousand days old when it should revert to old value, this is now fixed
* New menu item added under External Links - Show 12 Monthly Usage, this option will download the 12 Monthly graph from the exetel website and display it within the program
* Other minor bug fixes

* Shading is added to main window allowing easier visual tracking of the items displayed
* Other minor bug fixes
* If you cant access your window because it has resized/repositioned itself please download the REG file located at , close down the Meter application, run the REG file and reload the program, that will fix it.

* End of month projections have been added to program, this includes a new heading and values on the main page, and two new graphs
* The new label and heading will not be seen until you check the options under Appearance in the right click menu called Show Projected Downloads, or Show Projected Uploads (or both)
* The graphs can be accessed by viewing the normal upload / download daily graphs and holding the ALT key, as usual you can move your cursor over the graph bars for moe information
* Minor memory leaks are now fixed, program has gone through stringent memory leak tests
* Uninstall for setup program will now ask you if you wish to delete all registry keys associated with MiniXTLUsage (AutoRun keys will always be deleted)
* "Show Graph Extrapolations" option has been removed for time being
* Program now uses more advanced and stable Memory Manager (FastMM -

* New field added to main page, 'Data Valid To', this field will tell you how long ago the download data is valid, basically this field describes the ending period for which your download totals were last calculated, if this field goes above 24 hours the Meter Bar will go read and a warning will be printed in this valid along with it changing red, if this values gets too high it means that the current download values are getting a bit out of date and you should take caution.
* New menu item in Right-Click on main window under Update Frequency called 'Update Off-Peak Quota from AUP Now', this option will basically do just that, it will update your Off-Peak Quota value to reflect what exetel has in the AUP document located at
* New menu option in Right-Click on main window under Update Frequency called 'Always Update Off-Peak Quota from AUP Now', this option will update your Off-Peak Quota value to reflect what exetel has in the AUP document whenever an update occurrs, ensuring that your Off-Peak quota is always up-to-date (as it has changed quite a few times recently). But PLEASE BE CAREFUL when using this value, as Exetel sometimes forgets to update it in the AUP.
* Minor Miscellaeneous bug fixes

* Better Cookie management for those having troubles with the program updating (please make sure you have cookies set to accept and session cookies on in your IE internet settings)
* Better error detection when the program udpates its data
* Save Debugging File now saves more information for extra debugging functionality
* Underscore during testing phase of Setup Wizard no longer shows underscore (_)

* Day by Day graphs are a little darker making them easier to read
* New option under Appearence menu to add Tick marks to the Meter Bar
* New menu item Save Debugging File, this option will save extensive information if you are having problems with the Mini Exetel Usage Meter, save this file and then e-mail it to Please note, this function swill mask out your phone number from the file automatically. Make sure you remove any other details from the file you dont want sent before e-mailing.
* Times for smart update have been put forward another half an hour due exetel seeming to be updating later (now 6:00am and 3:20pm sydney time), this may need more investigation
* About box is now prettier, what can i say, i got bored and wanted to make a Fire and Water framework up :)

* Day by Day graphs have been added to program, HOLD SHIFT for Downloads and then CTRL as well for UPLOADS
* 7pm - 7am is now highlighted in red for business users
* Peak Downloads are highlighted in Maroon for residential users, Red when it has exceeded your peak quota
* Due to minor bug in Exetel data for Business plans for the usage meters ({USERNAME},{PASSWORD}) usage information, business plans use the totals for the monthly data
* Other enhancements for business users including the removal of irrelevant data

* Program should now be fully compatible with UNLIMITED Business plans, extra costs is now calculate dusing Off-Peak downloads, peak is treated as unlimited (the only quirk is you have to set a usual Off-Peak (7pm-7am) and Peak download limit, this is for the progress bar at the top)
* Uploads for the month are now shown in main form
* Setup wizard Quotas page now alters text to accommodate for UNLIMITED business plans
* Heading in main form, "Peak" and "Off-Peak" are changed to "7am-7pm", and "7pm-7am" respectively
* New menu item added to right click menu "Whats my IP Address?", click this menu item to attempt to download your IP Address from the Exetel User Facilities
* 10 Minutes have been added to the smart update feature, i have notice it is a lagging a little more due to the exetel server taking longer to update stats (5:30am an d 2:50pm)
* Updates are now threaded better for increased program responsiveness
* Minor other bug fixes

* New option added to update frequency menu, "Use Smart Updates", this option will cause updates at 5:20am and 2:40pm Sydney time, this is when exetel updates its data
* New option added to update frequency menu, "Update Data when Window Slides onto Screen", this option will cause a quick usage update whenever the auto hide is on and the main window is slid onto the screen because of the users mouse over
* Radio buttons in Setup Wizard are now a little more friendly (Defaults focus)
* Test in setup wizard will now load available E-Mail addresses so you can select them instead of typing in the E-Mail setup step
* Minor bug fixes in Setup Wizard UI

* Program will now allow clean shutdown, reboot, and logoff
* Possible loss of password is fixed
* Moved Setup Wizard menu item down in right click menu
* E-Mail password box now has icon
* Minor UI errors
* More stable

* Update frequency problem fixed (dam my feeble brain)
* Other minor issues fixed
* Other minor enhancements

* Wizard setup now has option to set up e-mail accounts for quick access to webmail via right click menu, allows three different options, first requires the user to enter the password but does check against locally stored password, second requires user to enter password and does validate against locally stored password, the third option will automatically login without asking for password
* If you need to hide the window for what ever reason you can by simply pressing SHIFT+PAUSE/BREAK, press this combination again to show the window
* Bug fixed when update would fail and the program would no longer attempt to update
* If an update fails the program will now attempt to update every 30 seconds until it is successful
* New NON-INTERACTIVE mode added, use right click menu to activate (use ALT+PAUSE/BREAK to disable mode)
* Taskbar icon and name now shows when modal forms are shown, allowing the user to easily bring them to the foreground if the program looses the focus
* New icon for Mini Exetel Usage Meter
* Account details (hold ctrl) now shows how long until next update
* Bug fixed when form may get locked into on screen position even though Auto Hide is set to ON
* Whirlpool thread added to External Links menu
* Icons added to right click menu for easier identification
* About form looks more snazzy
* Other minor bugs

* Wizard Setup form now forces user to run test when setting up for first time, this is so it can be determined whether or not the account is an Unlimited account, if it is detected as an unlimited account the Peak download limit is asked within the wizard form
* Percentages to the right of meter bar now display the amount downloaded / total as well
* Main form can now be changed in width (not height) by dragging the left and borders of the window
* Double click on a non interactive area to Engage or Disengage Tiny Mode
* Whirlpool thread added to external links
* Last updated now moved to account information (hold control) page
* Close button added to Top Right corner of window, it will ask for confirmation
* Transparency menu is now called Appearance menu, and it now includes an option to show the windows shadow border around the main window
* Main window is hidden during Program Update check and Setup Wizard, this is to stop the main form from obstructing these forms
* Made default show GB or MB as required, can change back to old setting via right click "Display in MB Only"
* Program should no longer stop auto hiding when auto hiding is enable
* Program should no longer get hidden behind taskbar (experimental)
* Misc spelling errors fixed
* Other minor bugs fixed

* First Beta version

* Many things added, and changed :)

* First alpha release, please be nice :P

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Here are some screenshots of the Mini Exetel Usage Meter.

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You can download the latest version of the Mini Exetel Usage Meter here

Download Link:

Mini Exetel Usage Meter (Win32 Installer)
Filename: MiniXTLUsage1109.exe
Size: 942 KB
Uploaded: July 19, 2014
This file has been downloaded 2027 (2027) times
It was last downloaded on Sun, 11 Mar 2018 00:39:26 +1100