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On-Site Design Calculus

On-Site Design Calculus is a program designed for on-site designers and / or local authorities who design on-site sewerage facilities. Local authorities are also using this program to confirm submitted designs from on-site sewerage designers ensuring confirmation of the requirements of the On-Site Sewerage Code and Australian Standards AS1547;2000. This takes into account soil permeability, viral die-off, water balancing, surface and sub-surface irrigation sizing and all trench sizing.

Having all this information readily available will improve business efficiency and economy, ensuring confidence in the fact that all land application areas have been sized correctly. This could prevent the need to re-submit ammended on-site sewerage designs to local authorities for approval.

For local authorities this program will create a more efficient and economical means of assessing on-site sewerage facility designs submitted for approval by designers.

There are two versions of the program available, with precipitation values and pan evaporation values for an individual specific area, or a version which can be used for the whole of Queensland with precipitation values and pan evaporation values automatically selected by the program based on the suburb, longitude/latitude or by Bureau of Meteorology weather stations.

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Ease of Use

With your purchase of On-Site Design Calculus you can feel confident in its use with the knowledge that a local authority in southeast queensland has been using the program for more than 18 months in design preparation and to validate submitted designs.

The program has been designed so that it has a small learning curve and can be used quickly with ease, it runs on any Windows platform equivelant to Windows 98 or better, and uses an intuitive Windows design, it is fully networkable and comes with built in context sensitive help which is just the press of a button away.

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The program can do the following:

  1. A computer record of all calculations for on-site sewerage designs be they submissions, originals, or checks
  2. Soil Permeability Calculation using a Permeameter Assembly (Ksat)
  3. Viral Die-off Setback Distance Calculation
  4. Water Balancing for all disposal methods (land application areas), calculated on a MONTHLY basis for comparison with the trench size proposed in the design
  5. The program can be fully networked for shared usage by employees of your business

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Other Advantages

On-Site Design Calculus prints fully qualified mathematical workings in its reports, so in the event you need to prove your calculations, you have all the information available to do so. Your version of the program will come fully customised with your own letter-head on all reports that are generated, allowing your clients to identify with your business.

For local authorities, the program prevents any alterations to results of calculations, thus land application area sizes will be consistent and conform with the On-Site Sewerage Code and AS1547;2000. Making quantification of submitted designs more accurate and expedient.

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More Information

For more information, please send an E-mail to On-Site Design Sales explaining the information you need and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Promotional flyer for the program:

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Price listing (prices are only estimates, and may vary depending on purchase requirements):

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Application Help File (this help file will give more insight into what the program can do for you):

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NOTE: This file is a ZIP file, please extract the two files into the same directory and open the HLP file.

This file is a Windows 32-Bit help file, for Vista users it will not work by default you must first download the Windows 32-Bit help application from the Microsoft website (more information can be found here). You can download this application using this link.