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Rubiks Cube Solver & Game Program

This program is for people who would like a virtual Rubiks cube to play with, or who have a classic type Rubiks cube, and wish to get it solved without pulling it apart. It will allow you to setup your cube as you have it in front of you, and then export & print instructions to solve it.

It uses OpenGL and Bass sounds.

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Rubiks Cube Screenshot

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Simply extract the 2 files in the downloaded ZIP file to the same directory and run Rubiks.exe.

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You can download the latest version of the virtual Rubiks Cube here

Download Link:

Rubiks Cube (Win32 Executable)
Filename: RubiksCube
Size: 379 KB
Uploaded: September 04, 2008
This file has been downloaded 295 (295) times
It was last downloaded on Fri, 19 Jan 2018 18:10:36 +1100