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UPnP Monitor Application

This program allows you to monitor your adsl modem internet traffic in real time using UPnP, please ensure UPnP is enabled on your router, it was developed using my Managed UPnP library.

It will allow you do these things:

  • Discover and monitor your internet traffic
  • Display an overlay on your screen
  • Gather extra information about your ADSL Modem device (ie. External IP Address)

Best of all, this program is completely freeware and is free to use for any purpose (but dont use it for life critical applications as I take no responsibility for that)

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The program is compatible with versions of windows from Windows XP up, however, you must have the .NET 4.0 runtime installed, this can be installed from the Microsoft Website here.

If running the program on Windows XP you may have to enable UPnP device discovery, please follow the instructions here for a auick step by step guide on how to do this.

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Information and Usage

There is a whirlpool thread dedicated to this program here.

UPnP Monitor - Changes to line graphs

Aaron Lee Murgatroyd



Everyone else who tested it for me :) especially Tbau from
whirlpool, who was very patient with it all! for their great site containing DLLImports for C#, saved me a lot of time
* Added translucent fill area to graphs
* Other minor fixes and changes
* Added mouse over on meter graphs to show point values
* Meter graphs now use curves instead for a better appearance
* Decimal places added to vertical axis labels
* Other minot fixes and changes
* Made the line graphs look a bit better
* Altered the line graphs so they correctly represent the time span between updates
* Other minor fixes and changes
* Fixed problems with some devices when they dont have unique UDN values
* Added advanced log entires option to right click menu - be sure to reinitialize UPnP if you turn this option on (NOTE: This option may slow down UPnP discovery)
* Advanced log option may be forced on startup of application by specifying LOGADVANCED as the only command-line parameter
* Other minor fixes and changes
* Fixed NULL exception error when trying to get device information with no device selected (thanks tbau)
* Fixed NULL exception error when trying to Reinitialize UPnP with no device selected (thanks tbau)
* Added warning dialog if no compatible devices were found after complete scan
* Fixed problem where root device wasnt the WANDevice on some UPnP implementations (thanks to tbau from Whirlpool for helping with the testing on this issue)
* Added vertical labels to line graphs
* Other minor fixes and changes
* Initial .NET 4 Relaese

This software is free to use for any purpose, however if you like it, you can contribute to my work by donating at:
I take no responsibility for any damamge caused as a direct or indirect result of anyone using this software, it is not designed for use
in life critical applications.

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You can download the latest version of UPnP Monitor here. ZIPped EXE:

Compatible with WIN32/WIN64 (XP, Vista, or Windows 7) using .NET 4.0
You can download and install the .NET 4.0 runtime here

UPnP Monitor (ZIPped EXE)
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Uploaded: October 19, 2011
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It was last downloaded on Sun, 16 Dec 2018 19:21:14 +1100