How much better is Windows Vista?

April 15, 2007 on 10:51 pm | In Computers & Software | 2 Comments

I have been using Windows Vista a bit lately, and I have to say, yes, the interface is cleaner and nicer to use (mainly talking about the Aero Interface here), the new Address Bar for Windows Explorer is a welcome addition (although i would prefer to have an Up button for going to the parent directory as well). The new instant search function is also good, allowing you to search all files on your drive in a matter of seconds.

Problem is, how good is Windows Vista, will it actually increase my productivity as Microsoft says it will or will it simply feel better to use it?, and is it worth the money for the upgrades (software and hardware)?

AlsoI found a game in EB Games yesterday, that will run on Vista only and no other OS (Microsoft was the publisher, but i cant remember the name of the game). Is this more of Microsofts tactics to force people to move over to Vista? Why cant they just let us migrate in our own time, is this sort of marketing strategy really necessary.

Personally I find it disgusting that a company like Microsoft (with all of its billions of $) can first design a new OS with all these funky new fangled ideas and then when it comes to release, it ends up being just another GUI layer on top of the old version (ok, this might be a little bit of an exageration, but there isnt much more in it than that).

Not to mention all the incompatibilities Microsoft caused in the UI’s of software out there,I mean there is a basic problem with MDI Interfaces when the main window is Maximized. Try this, find an MDI application, run it on Vista, maximize the main window, and then maximize a client window, oh dear, the client dosnt fill the main window, absolute RUBBISH.

Microsoft has said that they will fix this, but why add this new UI when problems like this occur..

Oh, and as for the new API functions to access the new Aero interface, oh yes, here we go, you guessed it, just as unmodular and clunky to use as the old API. Have Microsoft really achieved anything, no, nothing at all in my book, monkeys could have made the changes they did. There was even problems with Vista with it coming out of Suspend mode,I thought the problems of power management issues we well over, but not with Vista.

All in all, Vista is much like the move from Windows 95 to Windows 98 a little bit of extra hardware support, a bit prettier interface, but at the end of the day its just that, prettier…

Lets see what you think…

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Black hole found, and photo taken!

April 15, 2007 on 10:35 pm | In Science | No Comments

Finally we have a pretty good picture of what a black hole looks like, see this article:

This is the photo of the black hole in NGC 1365 (courtesy of New Scientist website):

Photo of black hole in NGC 1365 (courtesy of New Scientist)

Post your comments here

Tel$tra gets away with it again!!!

April 15, 2007 on 10:30 pm | In Computers & Software | 35 Comments

In regards to these two articles on Whirlpool:

It looks as if Tel$tra is never going to be forced to clean up its act, are we all doomed to be have to pay premium prices for crap internet for all time, or will, one day, the government see the light, and see that the internet in Australia is way behind the rest of the world (even third world countries in some instances) and fix it?

I think its an outrage, that such a basic technology for these present day times is simply so terrible in Australia, a country which ismeant to be the cutting edge of technology ina lot ofareas…

Post your dis(gust)cussion here :)

Command & Conquer 3: Demo Skirmish Hack

March 27, 2007 on 11:19 pm | In Computers & Software | 412 Comments

The Command & Comquer 3: Tiberium Wars demo is out!! This game is an RTS game and is great from what i have played of it so far…

�You can have a look at it on the EA site here:

�Although the demo has a lot of content and is good, the first thing i noticed is that you cant play as any other side but GDI and the computer side is locked in to playing as NOD, also you cant change the computer players strategy from anything other than Balanced…

After a bit of searching on the net i found some info saying you can change them to something other than whats allowed by pressing the first character of the selection you want when the drop is shown, eg. to change your side to NOD click the dropdown and press the “N” key.

However, i found that this did not work, and you actually have to click the option first and then press the first key for it. So to change your side to NOD, click the dropdown arrow, then select the NOD option, now this will select the item but not close the box, then press “N” and it will stay on that option and close up.

You can also do this for selecting the strategy for the computer, this is really cool, and i’m sure there is someone on the development team who is being roasted on an open fire for leaving this bug in… LOL, but its good for us!!

Free Will or Random Actions, you decide?

March 25, 2007 on 3:21 am | In Science | 6 Comments

The age old question, are wesimply machines whos future is predeterminedor are we just random machines moving around like the particles of agas with an infinite number of external stimuli to keep us random.

Have a read of this new scientist article here :–you-only-think-you-have-it.html

The have a read of this document i wrote a few years ago:

What do you think, post your thoughts here, lets see if we can have a reasonable and deep discussion :D


October 4, 2006 on 4:47 pm | In Uncategorized, Blogroll | 3 Comments

Well, I have been pretty busy lately, getting married on the 30th of June this year, everything seems to be going ok, also, there has been a survey done at Whirlpool on current broadband and how people are affected by it, see the results here:

Post your comments about it here…

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