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Sharp Wizard BASIC Program Decompiler

The Wizard Decompiler is for decompiling sharps range of programmable organisers wizard or object files which have the extension of WZD, and OBJ. This program is provided as freeware and may be distributed to anyone who would like a copy, all that I ask is that you provide me with details of bugs and errors when you find them to

I hope that this program makes it easier for all those people out there who wish to program Wizard files but aren't sure where to start.

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About the Program

The program was made in Turbo Pascal 7.0 for DOS, which is 16-Bit, and so all long filenames should be specified using their equivalent 16-Bit filenames. As of now, the source wont be made available to the public, when I am finished the Decompiler it may be available. Currently, the program is used as a DOS command-line utility only, however, soon, it may have a proper menu driven interface, or I might even port it to Delphi or VB.

If you would like to suggest any modifications, additions or bug fixes, than please feel free to e-mail me at the address above.

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Known Bugs

If you wish to put up a bug, send me an e-mail.

Bug Description Explanation Status Fixed Work Around
Error occurs upon running the program (Runtime Error: 200) A bug in Turbo Pascal where PCs with Intel CPUs faster than 200mhz would cause this Runtime Error. Found and installed a patch for TP that fixes this program. Version 3.0 and above have the patch applied problem no longer occurs. NONE
Lines of code that equate to longer than 255 characters are truncated. A Turbo Pascal string was used internally to store the lines, TP strings only have a maximum of 255 characters due to the way that they are stored. Making a TBigStr object so that lines longer than 255 chars are possible. Fix has been completed and is available in version 4.0. NONE
GLEN function has no space after it causing errors with the GLEN function where code like 'A = GLEN B$' comes
out as 'A=GLENB$'
No space was put into the literal of the Identifiers array. Added a space after identifier. Fix has been completed and is available in version 4.0 Once code has been decompiled, identify and fix the culprit lines.
Heap Overflow error at or around 0000:59EA while extracting bulk icons from files. NONE Investigating Fix should be available version 5.0 Limit the amount icon extractions by limiting the file specification

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This version comes with FreeCell.WZD (Wizard Application), FreeCell.BAS (Source Code - Decompiled), FreeCell.TXT (Wizard Icon File - Text) as well as version 4.00 of the Wizard Decompiler, which allows you to visually edit the icons:

Wizard Decompiler Version 4.00 (ZIPped, DOS Executable)
Size: 40.7 KB
Uploaded: September 04, 2008
This file has been downloaded 477 (477) times
It was last downloaded on Mon, 14 May 2018 20:11:48 +1000