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Easy to install, irreversible electromechanical operator for sliding gates weighing up to 500 Kg.
Built-in electronic control panel
Mechanical clutch and electrical limit switch for correct operation in total safety.
  • automatic travel and timing code learning system
  • automatic closure
  • pre-blinking
  • radio command - step by step (open - stop - close)
  • single command - step by step (open - stop - close)
  • built-in radio receiver 433MHz
  • Connectable to photocells - strips - blinker - key selector
Caratteristiche Tecniche
Technical Data
Características técnicas
Technische Eigenschaften
Caracteristiques Techniques
K5 cK


Peso max del cancello
Max gate weight
Peso máximo de la cancela
Max Torgewicht
Poids maxi portail
Velocità di traino
Operating speed
Velocidad de tracción
Vitesse de traction
N° di cicli
No. cycles
Número de ciclos
Anzahl der Zyklen
Nbre de cycles
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