KING units are a series of powerful operating devices created for automatic movement of swing gates and doors weighing up to 500Kg and with a door length of up to 4.5 metres. They are available in various versions, for easy and functional use anywhere from detached homes or apartment blocks to large company premises.

The strength, rust-proof characteristics and protection against atmospheric agents of the enbloc frame are immediately clear. It is within this solid shell that the advanced mechanics are safely enclosed. A group of components designed to operate silently and provide long-term durability.
The electric motors, which are suitable for intensive use, are protected by heat probes. The mechanics, with components lubricated using a special synthetic grease, the large 3-thread endless screw, the double helical impact-proof gear, have been designed to guarantee maximum silence, strength and reliability. It is thanks to these special characteristics that King units can even be fitted on gates of big size.

KING units are powerful and safe, as are all RIB automatic devices, and are designed to comply with all European Safety Regulations. They are equipped with electronic force regulator and, in the PLUS version, with an OPTICAL ENCODER.
The ENCODER used in the PLUS models (patented), indicates when the gate comes into contact with an obstacle, and reverses the movement (as required by new European regulations EN12453, EN12445 and by American regulation UL325) without the need to fit edge sensors.

The conformation of the door drive system and incorporated mechanical stops is the object of a special RIB patent, which gives the exclusive advantage of preventing fingers from coming into contact with internal moving mechanical parts (thus satisfying an important requirement of European regulation EN60335).

In the event of a power cut your gate will not remain locked: using the customised key provided, you will be able to open it with ease.


Caratteristiche Tecniche
Technical Data
Características técnicas
Technische Eigenschaften
Caracteristiques Techniques






Lunghezza max dell'anta
Max leaf lenght
Longitud máxima de la hoja
Max Torflugelbreite
Longeur maxi du battant
3,5m* 4,5m*
Peso max dell'anta
Max leaf weight
Peso máximo de la hoja
Max Torgewicht
Poids maxi du battant
400Kg 500Kg
Tempo medio di apertura
Average opening time
Tiempo medio de apertura
Mittlere Offnungszeit
Temps moyen d'ouverture
14÷27s 29÷38s
n° di cicli
No. cycles
Número de ciclos
Anzahl der Zyklen
Nbre de cycles
13-20s/2s 8-33s/2s