Anomalies in Daylilies
Unusual flower forms that might be further developed in daylilies.

Pinched Petals in Throat:  Extra tissue (petaloids) at back of petals can be one of the reasons why some daylilies display petals pinched at the throat throat.  In the instance of the seedlings below, that extra tissue appears to "pull "on the top layer of tepals, causing the flowers to look like daffodils much of the time. 

This trait is unstable in my own seedlings.  When a daffodil-shaped seedling arrives in my seedling patch, I most often find that it has either "Something Wonderful" or "Enchanted April" in its close background.  Do we need a daylily shaped like a daffodil?  Some would say "no".  CLICK ON SMALL PICTURES, then click your own back arrow to return to page.


2:  Spots
(not mottling, not splashes) on petals:  Below you will see a small photo that links to a FULL-sized photo of a daylily petal displaying *spots*.  You really need the full-sized pic to see the spots.

Sorry, the plant is a new arrival, and thus is too tiny yet to even set pods on.  It'll be ready to set pods on in Dec. 2007.  Already I can see that I won't be able to fill all the requests for seeds from it, sorry.   I'll should have a good idea of just how stable the spotting trait is in this particular seedling by the end of 2007.

 Yes, there are  spotted daylilies growing in other gardens.  For starters, you might like to visit sites like Joe Agosta's or Dave Mussar's to see some spotted daylilies.  Try this link:

More spotted daylilies can be found if you surf the net.

This spotty seedling of mine  is from involved seedlings . Some parents in the background of those seedlings are ADMIRAL'S BRAID, DARKO'S MASKED MESSENGER and SARGASSO SEA.

Click on thumbnail below to see a LARGE photo in which you'll see  part of a petal of the "dotty one".  See how the spots are not small, elongated splashes, but are close to being *round*.  With stippled daylilies the *roundness* of the spots seems to vary from cultivar to cultivar.

3.   Conjoined Daylilies:  We don't often see these; I'm not sure that we want to see them too often, but taste in flowers is a very personal thing.

4.   Crests on the Midribs (crested doubles): I wish I had some crested doubles that were stable.  This trait is often erratic in my seedlings (appearing usually only every 2nd or  even every 3rd year).    Aussies, there is at least one crested double available in Australia that I know of, and its name is "Kevin Walek".  I imagine that the stability of the cresting trait in "K.W." would be better than that possessed by my own seedlings.

5.   Polytepalous Daylilies:  These daylilies with *extra* petals are not really an anomaly, as some people have been breeding them for awhile.  The dark, burgundy-red seedling below polytepals sometimes for me.  It's an example only.  The Baxters in the USA breed these, so try clicking on the address below for information and photos.
Click on the small photo below to see a larger photo of a seedling which sometimes polytepals.  Then click your own back arrow.  I don't have any of it for sale, sorry.  Seedling has "Magic Filagree" and "Hermitage Newton" in its background.

More illustrations of daylily "anomalies " hopefully will arrive on this page in late 2007.

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