Satin Bower Bird, Crow, Spiny-Billed Honeyeater, Lorikeets, Butterfly Quail.

Crow, Australia.  Looking evil today, but this wild crow with his street-smarts, powerful beak and talons, and his wonderful blue-black feathers is also slightly magnificent.  This  one is highly intelligent, gentle and friendly.  Still all too creepy?  Then have a look at the gorgeous, little, bright-apricot and black spiny-billed honeyeater in the next picture.  This little fellow tries very hard to hover like a hummingbird when positioned in front of a flower.



Below:  Bower Bird female, and a Butterfly (also called Painted) Quail, Australia, state NSW.
Bower Bird in a lower mountains garden Australia (state of New South Wales). The male is a shiny black, so this has to be either a female or an adolescent, because its feathers are greenish.