Daylilies By Clare
Diamond-Dusting And Ruby-Dusting On Daylilies
Photos Of Both On This Page.

 See photo below of a  seedling which *is* diamond-dusted (heavily so).   Old photos and resolution is low (better photos of diamond-dusting coming late 2017).

Diamond-Dusting Concentrated *Mostly On Midrib* Can Be Seen Below. Click On Small Pic.
  Edge Is Metallic (Not The Same Thing As Diamond Or Gold-Dusting, Though Might Be Related).
 Diamond-Dusted Midrib.jpg (31680 bytes) SDL 218 D-Dusted Close.jpg (66671 bytes)
Red Daylilies Which Are Diamond-Dusted Are My Favourites.
Such Flowers Remind Me Of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers.  Large Pic Below.

Petal Showing Diamond-Dusting In Throat Area, And "Ruby-Dusting" On Main Part Of Petal.
I don't specialize in breeding for diamond-dusted daylilies, so I can't offer any clues as to what cultivars would be useful in breeding for the trait.

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