Daylilies By Clare 
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Favourites Two
A few daylilies only for sale. Best not to order in hot or cold months.



 I no longer have any of the below daylilies for sale. And the only one that's below, that I actually still grow is "Velvet Eyes".
Now just sharing images on this  page
, some people just like to look at photos of daylilies.

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 Auction Plants:  On the very rare occasion I might auction one of the above one eBay.  Some I no longer grow.  Any plants  won at auction will be a good size, and will be Sent Bare-Rooted, Cut Down to the Crown, and Outer Leaves Will be Removed in Case Plant is Harbouring Any Hard-to-See Insect or Disease.  Your cut-down plants will look deceptivelly smaller than usual, but they will recover remarkably quickly once you put them in the ground (or a largish pot).