In Praise Of Modern Daylilies Not a Sale Page, just sharing images.  I'm primarily a collector, it's not my aim to become a regular seller of daylilies.   I *don't* have most of the more modern ones for sale, and some of them I no longer grow.  However, "Martian Masquerade", "An Inspector Calls" and "Quirky in Albuquerque"will be available in mid April 2019 or 2020.  "Jungle Queen" started out as a small plant and I won't have *one* for sale until April 2020, I'm hoping someone will once again import "Jungle Queen", so many people have told me that they like it.
This page is a small work in progress...more photos will be posted each year.

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LLoooo May 24 2016 (A few more photos added).





In Praise of Older Daylilies  Click on line at left to see photos of some nice older daylilies.