In Praise Of Modern Daylilies Updated June 6, 2021.  Not a Sale Page, just sharing images.  Below are some of my favourite named daylilies.   I'm primarily a collector, it's not my aim to become a regular seller of daylilies.
I *don't* have most of the more modern ones for sale, and some of them I no longer grow.
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Updated July 6, 2021:  I no longer have the 15 above available for sale.  Some of their
"children" will be available in years to come, and those best children will be an improvement on
each of  the above parents. I hope to register those "best"children of the above 4.5 years after
they first arrive in my seedling patch.   
As for those still interested in "Finding the Gold Vein" or "Martian Masquerade" or
"Falling into Elsewhere", I definitely won't have any of those three for sale until 2025, sorry.


More wonderful quite modern daylilies by some great world-wide breeders, see below:



In Praise of Older Daylilies  Click on line at left to see photos of some nice older daylilies.