Price List Daylilies Bewsher.
Updated 2021.
I created this site to primarily*share* images of daylilies (amateur photographer)
Breeding for "improved" daylilies interests me more than selling lots of them.   Interest in the plant is the driving force.
No More Price List  (Most of my stock consists of hundreds of seedlings waiting to be evaluated at 2 or 3 years of age).
  It's the opinion of most seasoned daylily hybridizers that 85% to 90% of seedlings are not worth a bumper.

  September, 2023, (or as late as 2024) I hope to sell just a few coveted plants
(a few older, a few newer) on eBay.
I'll be selling a
very few old favourites, and a few coveted and hard to get daylilies in the month of September (2023 or 2024)  eBay only.

Australian daylily fanciers, please try for most of the newer/rarer ones from your favourite daylily vendors in Australia.
I hope to sell some of the better ones I've bred myself, probably in 2024,  if they multiply well
(I do have a best seedling page).

Watch for my daylily auction plants in September 2023 or 2024.  Meanwhile, there are *plenty* to choose from on eBay or Australian daylily nurseries.

All plants sent by me will be cut low to the crown, and most outer leaves will be removed
in case plant in harbouring any hard-to-see insects or diseases.
A bare-rooted, cut back daylily will look smaller than usual, but will  recover surprisingly quickly once planted in your garden or in a largish pot.
  A heavily-pruned, small daylily plant would not recover as quickly as a generously-sized plant...I wouldn't send you a tiny piece.

Make sure you quarantine, for at least a few weeks, any new daylilies you introduce to your garden
(even if the vendor is 99% sure that his plants are free of diseases and pests).  Pays to be careful with *all* plants.
Explore daylilies. 
Clare Bewsher.