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Favourites Two
A few daylilies only for sale. Best not to order in hot or cold months.


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 Click on this line to see "In Praise Of Older Daylilies"  (Photos of older daylilies that are worthwhile growing, only rarely would I have some of those for sale).
 Click on this line to see "In Praise Of Modern Daylilies" 
I'm Sharing Images Only on the "In Praise Of Modern/Older Daylilies" Pages and my seedling pages.
  I rarely have plants for sale on the "Sharing Images" pages or the best seedling pages. Please try your favourite vendor for modern daylilies by breeders other than myself.

 Auction plants will be sent bare-rooted, cut to crown, outer leaves removed in case plant is harbouring any unseen insect or disease. Let me know if this does not suit you.
Not a plant nursery, hobby only.  Garden Not Available to Public, Sorry.

This Hobby Site Will Remain Very Small.  Reminder: I will nowmainly be selling a few of the better seedlings I've bred myself at auction (eBay) in September of 2023 or as late as Sept. 2024.  Depends on how fast they multiply.

Important: Sending plants overseas, or to Western Australia would require an expensive phytosanitary certificate, and would only be worthwhile if the order was over $200 ($Aus.)
PRICE LIST.  CLICK ON THIS LINE FOR NEWEST METHOD OF PAYMENT   Actual photos are on >  Favourites and Favourites Two. and Bewsher Daylilies.
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LINKS:   Charlotte's Daylily Diary   Don't miss Charlotte's site.   Amazing collection of links to daylily sites world-wide.  Absolutely Unique!

Pages Below Not Sale Pages, I'm just sharing some images.
Hybridizing Daylilies  Click on Hybridizing at left.  I hope my take on hybridizing daylilies will be prove to be helpful to beginners. 
Best Seedlings 2     >>  Updated Early Feb. 2021...New Photos of some of my best seedlings.
Best Seedlings 3    A few of these seedlings will be named and be for sale around 2019 of 2020.
Cards 2017 And Beyond By  Bewsher. 
Incomplete, at the moment.
Flower Email Cards.  Click on line at left to see a number of email flower "cards". Just sharing images, not a sale page.
Flower Cards By Bewsher 3.  Year 2013.  Updated May 7, 2013 Click on line at left to see see  Flower Cards "Dream Lover".  Not a sale page.
Flower Cards By Bewsher 2    Created     June     21   2013.  Bromeliad.  Natural Rainbow Light on Bromeliad card.  Not a sale page.
Flower Cards By Bewsher 5    Created     Aug.       7   2013.   Not a sale page, just sharing images.
Flower Cards By Bewsher 6     Updated    April    28   2014   Daylily "Aint She Nice", and two daylilies in pretty colours.  Not a sale page.
Flower Cards By Bewsher  7              Created       Jan.           1    2018.    Not a sale page, just sharing images.
Plant Images Daylilies Pokers Clivias Bromeliads
   Updated with new images July 3,  2018.   View plant images, which you might find interesting (*DISPLAY ONLY*, not a sale page).

Anomalies in Daylilies Some photos of unusually-formed daylilies.  Display only, not a sale page.
Anomalies in Daylilies 2  Click on this line for more Anomalies in DL's.   Display only, not a sale page.
In Praise Of Older Daylilies      Updated   April, 2018.   Click on blue line at left to see some worthwhile older daylilies.  NOT A SALE PAGE, although I do intend to sell a few of these at AUCTION in April of most years.
In Praise Of Modern Daylilies  Ongoing Page Construction.  Click on blue line at left to see some daylilies that are fairly modern.  NOT A SALE PAGE.  Please try your favourite vendor for these rarer daylilies, I don't sell these.

Click Here To See A Diamond-Dusted Daylily, And A Ruby-Dusted Daylily. .....display only, not a sale page.

BestSeedlings2                           Updated Early Feb. 2021    More photos of daylily seedlings.....Display only, see examples of  what you can get when you cross two hybrid daylilies....not a sale page.
           Updated April    13 2014    Bower Bird, Crow, Spiny-Billed Honeyeater, Butterfly Quail, Rosella, Lorikeets, etc.               
AnimalsVariousAustralian  Updated March 6 2016  Baby Possum, Wild Ducklings, Frogmouth Owl