Why use a Pet Minder?


At various times of the year, particularly weekends, Christmas, Easter or school breaks, you want to go away for a well-earned holiday. It is not always possible for your much loved pets to go too.

The options are:

Neighbours, Family or Friends:-
Obviously it would be wonderful if your neighbours, family or friends could take your pets in and love them like you do whilst you are away. However, many people do not have these options available to them.


Kennels and Catteries:-
Today’s dog kennels and catteries are generally very clean and well maintained. However, they are often booked up very quickly in advance. More importantly, no matter how kind the proprietors are, or how well intentioned they may be, a kennel or cattery is NOT a familiar place with familiar smells and familiar people in it. It can be very stressful for an animal to suddenly find itself in a confined area surrounded by strangers, strange sounds and strange smells.

Leaving your pets home alone:-
This is NEVER a good idea. A pet left alone for an extended period can become distressed and confused. In addition, frustrated, lonely pets can be destructive around the home.

How Can You Avoid All This?

A pet sitter or minder, such as Critter Sitters, comes to you. Your pets are safe and comfortable in familiar surroundings. Your pets will recognise the minder, as he/she will have been introduced beforehand at our FREE Pre-visit. *

*FREE Pre-Visit: We will come to your home for your free “Pre-Visit” before you leave. This time is essential for you to meet us and for us to meet you and your pets. We are happy to conduct the pre-visit at a time that suits you.  

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