Modbus Server Functions and Registers

Modbus Functions

The following Modbus functions are implemented in this version:
  • 01 (0x01) - Read Coils (Output Coils, single bit)
  • 02 (0x02) - Read Discrete Inputs (Descrete Input, single bit)
  • 03 (0x03) - Read Holding Registers (Holding Registers, 16 bit)
  • 04 (0x04) - Read Input Registers (Input Registers, 16 bit)
  • 05 (0x05) - Write Single Coil (Output Coils, single bit)
  • 06 (0x06) - Write Single Register (Holding Registers, 16 bit)
  • 15 (0x0F) - Write Multiple Coils (Output Coils, single bit)
  • 16 (0x10) - Write Multiple Registers (Holding Registers, 16 bit)

Modbus Registers

The Modbus server model provides four data blocks:
  • Discrete Inputs (read only from Modbus, typically Digital Inputs on a PLC)
  • Output Coils (typically Digital Outputs on a PLC)
  • Input Registers (typically Analog Inputs on a PLC)
  • Holding Registers (typically internal registers or Analog Outputs on a PLC)
Each data block contains registers (single or multi bit) which are addressed 0-65535.
When a slave performs any of the above functions, the Modbus Server will automatically add the relevant register address to the display. For read access the initial register value is 0.

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