You might ask why the "Eating" section comes before the other sections in these pages. Logic may suggest that a fish must be caught before one can devour the same. However, I believe that most fishermen hit the water with the intention of taking home a catch sufficient for a feed or two. It is this intention which comes before everything else and so we should explore the food aspect before we get onto the catching and identifying sections.

Although Redfin is considered a pest species, the fish is also recognised for it's fighting ability and good eating qualities. Many fishermen will acknowledge that Redfin is one of the best (if not the best) freshwater table fish. The meat has a soft, sweet flavour and is easily cut into fillets without a single fishbones.


The secret to successful filleting starts when the fish is caught:
- Don't take too small a fish, I suggest 25cm as the minimum size.
- Put the fish on ice straight away - a small esky with ice blocks is ideal.
- Don't take too many fish home - you will have to fillet them!

Filleting steps:

You should now have two nice fillets without bones.
Also note that there is no need to gut the fish if you employ the above filleting procedure.

Fish Fins Image


The general rule applicable for cooking redfin is to not cook them too long or the meat will become dry and tough.
Also remember to keep you fish and fillets chilled, preferable on ice, at all times. This will ensure the best quality fish come cooking time.

Although there are many cooking variations, some without removing the fillets from the carcass, you should never attempt to cook Redfin with skin as they are bottom dwellers and the skin will make for a very strong muddy taste.

Any fish cooking recipe can be used on Redfin fillets but always remember, especially on smallish fish, to keep the cooking time as short as possible. Deep frying tends to produce a dry fillet due to the long cooking time.

To experience the real taste of Redfin season the fillet with a small amount of salt and pepper and pan fry in a little bit of olive oil.
Another way to prepare Redfin is a simple egg batter consisting of one egg with a bit of soy sauce, pull the fillets through the batter and straight into a pan greased with olive oil.

Bon Appetit