Identifying Redfin (Perca fluviatilis)

You can easily identify them by their bright red lower fins and tail. A moderate size, relatively elongated fish, redfin can be distinguished by the following features.


Redfin is a pest

Redfin is believed to be responsible, in part, for population decline in a number of native species. They are voracious predators of other fish and can destroy recreational fisheries by both building up numbers in stunted individuals and elimination of other species. Redfin can also devastate native fish populations by carrying the serious disease EHN virus. As a consequence Redfin should not be returned to the water if caught. It is also an offence to translocate them from one site to another and strict penalties apply.
See NSW DPI for further details.

The History of Redfin
in Australia

The Redfin, also known as English perch, came from Great Britain late last century. English perch was introduced soon after trout in the 1860s. Eleven fish were sent by boat with seven surviving the journey, these seven fish have populated almost every river and creek that flows into the Murray Darling system and a large amount of the impoundments west of the great divide.

Over the past 30 years redfin have even spread to some of Tasmania's trout waters and into areas of high conservation significance. Redfin have been directly linked to declining trout fisheries and native fish distributions, and are capable of forming large unmanageable populations.