Redfin Fishing

Fishing in a great passion followed by many Australians and could almost be called our most popular recreational activity. Although many people fish not many catch fish on a regular basis, it has been said that 90% of the fish get caught by 10% of the fishermen.

These pages contain the necessary information to get started with one of the most popular and abundant fish species, the famous Redfin. These fabulous fish are relatively easy to catch, can be found in large numbers in many places and make a fine meal. They are also know for their fighting ability and once you have a large species on the line you will know exactly what I mean. Wether you take kids out for a fish or you want to spend a quiet afternoon out on the water, Redfin is a very rewarding species to target.

Equipment Considerations

A basic rod and reel is sufficient to get you started, but some sort of watercraft is almost essential. From a small canoe to a full size fishing vessel, whatever you can lay your hands on, is much better than fishing from the shore where you have to wait for the fish to find you.

After navigating through these pages by clicking the buttons on the left hand side of the screen, you will be ready to catch your fist Redfin.
A word of warning - in some states Redfin are considered a pest species and you must not return them to the water.

I hope you enjoy reading this website and may you catch as many fish as you can eat.

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About the Author

The Author of this web site is not an authority on the subject of Redfin but has a passion for catching and eating these excellent table fish. His experience is a collection of hearsay from those fishermen that frequent Lake Hume with great regularity. The acquired knowledge has been put to the test and the result published in these pages.

The Author will not keep any Redfin under 25cm length as he is too lazy to fillet dozens of fish for just a single family meal. Hence, he is striving to catch only fish >25cm so he can feed his family of four with 8 fish.