The Art of Fiona Anderson



Graphite Pencil           Pastel            Charcoal & Oils

Like most artists I will accept commission work. I work either in pastel or graphite pencil. Contact me through email - - or you are welcome to phone me on 0408 311 952. As I work a job not compatible with me always answering my phone you may need to leave a message. Also I apologise for only supplying a mobile number but I currently share a home phone with someone not best know for passing on messages.

Graphite Pencil

I love graphite pencil. Easy to work with, can be sprayed and therefore easy to ship - I can roll it into a post pack. I don't need photos that are colour accurate however, it must be remembered that the better the photo then more detail can be added. For instance a postage stamp sized photo of a black dog is going to make my life extremely difficult and may not give me enough information to produce the desired end result. Many times a commission of a deceased pet, and the photos available are a challenge to work from, making it is better to send several shots. I am also happy to work off digital photos but again they need to be of reasonable megapixel size on a medium to high jpeg setting.


Sonny Reference


Price is decided on prior to work being undertaken. Once a price has been determined this is a firm quote which I will not exceed. However if I find the work takes less time I will pass this saving onto the buyer. The cost is determined by time not the size of the paper so a highly detailed smaller piece will be more expensive than, say, a charcoal on a full sheet of paper. To date drawings have ranged from $100 - $400 unframed. Framing can be arranged for a fee, however as pencils are so easy to transport I encourage the buyer to have the piece framed themselves to their taste.



Graphite pencil on half sheet Arches Watercolour Paper


Some recent graphite commissions









Pastels need better quality photographs especially with regards to colour accuracy. I take my own photos for my wildlife work and am happy to do so for commission. Where digital photos are supplied I aslo ask for a hard copy to ensure we are both on the same page with the coat and eye colour. Pricing depends on exactly what the purchaser wishes and needs to be discussed. Framing can be arranged and is recommended for pastel work, especially velour, partly because it is a more fragile media (can be smudged) until it is framed and partly because some framers don't frame pastels correctly.

Kiren Reference



Sometimes the reference shot is honestly dreadful but when the dog is no longer with us then its time to give it a go with the best hopes in mind. This is one of those times. Kiren's little heeler cross bitch isn't with her any more and this was the best of the photos - taken through a dirty glass sliding door. I must admit I was most worried that I wouldn't do her justice but Kiren was delighted.




Kiren's Girl
Pastel on Velour
Size = 35 cm wide x 45 cm deep unframed


Tin's Reference


Tin belongs to a very good friend of mine. At 23 years he is a retired old man. I went out to photograph him and this reference was taken with me balanced on an old rail fence with a 400 mm zoom lens. We ended up with some lovely photos that Tin's owner keep plus the reference for the artwork. I also met Tin and learned a little of his personality, which helped me with portray him.


Pastel on Artist's Velour
full sheet, roughly 67 cm x 50 cm deep unframed


I work with the purchaser to ensure that the painting is exactly what is wanted, sending multiple photographs via email as the work progresses. This is to be a treasured possession and corrections can easily be made to the work while it is in progress. Sometimes the purchaser wishes for their pet to look younger or they wish something tweaked so the painting is more like the pet they remember. Photos are only accurate for that moment in time and small changes are often necessary, especially when using composite shots.

Some other pastel commissions

Charcoal & Oils

I have only recently started working in both charcoals and oils. Commissions can be undertaken in either media, however oils are a long painting process and this must be taken into consideration.


Foal in Charcoal

Charcoal on Academia paper
half sheet