The Art of Fiona Anderson



I received a lot of requests for use of my artwork mostly from Paint Shop Pro Groups to make stationary and signature tags. I obtain a great deal of pleasure painting and have no problem with allowing others to have some fun with the paintings after I have finished with them. Of course, I would be very upset if someone tried to pass my work off as their own. I would also like to think if someone liked my work they wouldn't have any trouble tracing it back to my website.

Some of the better emails have included rules for the group the person contacting me abide by, and I have looked through these to make these requests.

1/ Please include a copyright symbol and link to my website embedded into every creation.

2/ None of the artwork or creations should be used for profit of any kind (unless I have given express permission for this to an individual, for example, for fund raising for a worthy wildlife cause).

3/ Please respect the original feel of the artwork. I don't think garish or flashing neon does wonders for a cute dingo pup, and would hope you consider my feelings in this regard.

4/ The Commission page artwork should not be used. Other than Tindernic, all artwork on this page has copyright to the owner of the dog or horse as the photos were supplied to me. I, therefore, can't give blanket permission for use of these paintings/drawings.

5/ Permission is granted for the use of all other work for signature tags, tubes, stationary, frames, websets, backgrounds, animations (within reason and not distracting), avatars and brushes.

If I have missed anything do let me know. Also I would love to see some of the work produced. I do prefer to spend my spare time painting, not trying to find it on MSN boards, so if you create something you think is special please email it to me at