November 2020
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New blog on subtropical gardening

I’ve created a new block on wordpress ~ this one specialize in gardening and cooking food from the garden ~ I’ll be more likely to update that blog than this one from .. actually since last year ~~ Go check it out ~

Get started!

I had 11 days off during the Easter period, and I planned to work on the garden. Unfortunately, it was raining most of the days, and the ground was so saturated it wasn’t good for any garden work. So I’ve planted more seedlings in the seedling trays… however, we did mould the ex-lawn area into two beds, and rearranged the [...]

It's been a long time ~~

Anyways, we’ve almost all settled down at our new place, and started working on our new garden. The new garden is much smaller than my parents’ but should grow enough vegetable for two [...]

Whale Watching

Have pre-purchased whale watching tickets early in the whale watching season, but was too busy to go. It’s now end of the season, although we both don’t feel well, and have been sick we went on the Sunday just past anyway.
Here’s a video of the dolphins [...]

I don't remember when the last sunny day was ....

The chook run is flooded, and one of the paw paw trees fell last night. The only work in the garden I managed to do over the weekend just passed was picking up all the fallen peaches, and those that looked rotten or stung but are still on the tree. Ended up with 1/3 of a barrel [...]

More rain...

Sitting at the office, watching the rain pour down out side [...]


We supposed to have gotten a lot of rain over the last week.. .. I tipped the rain gauge on 20th and here’s how much is in it today … [...]

Sunflowers are such delightful flowers even the bees agree :)

Sunflowers are such delightful flowers even the bees agree [...]

Pre-spring flowers ~

…. However, my parents and my sister likes flowers… so I’ve grown some flowers too. Here’s some that are flowering right now in our backyard :) [...]

Fallen petals

My rain gauge recorded 64 mm of rain, and most of the petals on the peach trees have fallen [...]