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xtrailIf your XTRAIL exhibits the following exciting behaviours… 

  • Engine cuts out intermittently whilst highway driving
  • Engine stops, but is able to be re-started after a few minutes rest
  • Engine stops at lights
  • Desperate wife rings up because the engine cuts out in the middle of peak hour traffic whilst she is on her way home from work after picking the kids up from day-care and going to the shops and the ice-cream is now melting and its all YOUR fault…

 Then you could have a faulty crank and or cam position sensor.

 These are the steps I took to fix the problem with our XTRAIL.

 1. Confirm that the problem is really the Crank or Cam position sensor.

  • You have one or more of the symptoms listed above
  • The Check engine light is lit on the dash
  • You get a P0335 (crank sensor) or P0340 (cam sensor) error when you read out the trouble code on the diagnostic port. 

2. Replace the Cam position sensor if you have a P0340 error.

–This is the easy one to get to–

a) Unclip the cam sensor lead

b) Remove its retaining bolt using a 10mm socket

c) Remove the old sensor from the head

d) Put some oil on the new sensors O’ring

e) Place the new sensor into the head

f) Replace the retaining bolt & Clip the lead back on

 3. Replace the Crank position sensor if you have a P0335 error.

–This sensor is hard to get to–

The crank sensor is replaced in much the same way as the cam sensor detailed above except that getting to is a bit of a pain (but not impossible).Also, keeping the wiring harness connected to it will prevent you from losing it behind the engine when you take the bolt out – Don’t ask me how I know.

The sensor is located low down on the firewall side of the engine block, between the rightmost two cylinders when looking towards the engine from the front of the car.You should be able to reach around the right hand side of the engine with your righthand and follow the sensor wire down to the sensor itself.

You may have to use a 10mm open ender on its retaining bolt as space is a little tight and you will be doing it all by feel.

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  111 Responses to “Replace the Crank Position and and Cam Position sensors on an XTRAIL T30”

  1. Many thanks, stumbled across this page and it helped me to fix my car. Straight forward job, crank angle sensor resulted in a few scratched arms though but was not difficult.
    Just for reference symptoms of my car included check engine light, difficulty starting and gutless engine performance. But it still ran, lucky as I was 200 km from home in Country Australia when the troubles started.

    • Thanks for the useful feedback Diddo,
      Good to know you had a bit of luck in limping it home all that way.

    • hi to all out there. if you have an xtrail please hear this. i live in ontario canada and i have been having intermittent engine stalls on my 2006 xtrail for some time. using the 2.5 litre 4 cylinder gas motor which is the only motor sold with the xtrail in canada for only model years 2005 and 2006.after checking grounds etc. i changed both the crankshaft and camshaft sensors with after market parts at half the price of nissan.parts. no more problems. do check grounds but change both sensors as we know that is one of the very few faults of the xtrail and save yourself a lot of head scratching. we know the original parts are weak so get them changed with new improved metal ones compared to the original plastic. thanks to all for their help.

      • I have a Nissan X-Trail 2006 SE and was able to buy an OEM set produced by Nissan which is the new improved metal ones. Apparently, Nissan recognized that the original plastic ones were crapping out and therefore have this set for cheap.

        I ordered the Sensor Kit from the dealership; part # B3731-6N21A, and it was just under $60 Canadian. The parts team didn’t know much about this and were surprised about this set.

        Here is where I found the info:
        Pic: http://www.nissanforums.com/l31-2002-2006/217793-crankshaft-sensor-2.html#/forumsite/20464/topics/217793?page=2

        One for the crankshaft and one for the cam. Have them change both. The engine cover will be off to get at the crankshaft one, so its easy to get at the camshaft one. In the Nissan Labour times the crankshaft sensor is 1 hour and the camshaft sensor a half hour.

        Hope this help! From one Xsty owner to another.

        • Hi, I have same issue but the dealer said only 23731-6N21A references to XTrail (costs about 140) in Alberta while B3731-6N21A that costs about half does not reference XTrail. Also, did you get 2 of those sensors in one package? Thanks. Roger

      • No codes but after short 60mph run getting 2006 2.5 engine up to temp then at low speed lots of stalling(almost). Replaced the camshaft sensor, engine cold, starting up almost failed but ran after generating failure codes. Swapped sensor back again & started perfectly. Lesson, don’t use none OEM camshaft sensors or expect random results. To be continued…will pay up & get genuine sensor.! As with other comments, change one sensor one at a time just to check.

  2. Thanks. I would never have found the sensor without your help. Even with the manual for the car.

    • I know what you mean, The 2d drawing just does not translate into the 3 spacial dimensions (that I know of) in the real world.

      • Hi there, I have replaced the cam and crank sensors and the engine still cuts out with the same symptoms displayed before the sensors where replaced. I need help with my 2003 2.5 L Petrol X-trail PLEASE?

  3. Thanks so much.. 🙂 All fixed yay

  4. I have replaced crank sensor in xtrail it has all the symptoms and the diagnosis shows its crankshaft sensor. yesterday i tried to drive the car and stopped in the midle f trafic, what could be the problem then? pse advice

    • At this point your probable best bet is to take the vehicle to an auto-electrician or mechanic.
      You could try replacing the cam sensor as well, but if you haven’t already done this I’d say the mechanic is the go.

  5. I have code P0340, and replaced both old sensors with the new ones the same as your photos. The car still wouldnt start. I cleared the codes with snap on scanner, it started and I thought all was well, but later it wouldnt start. then code reset.
    It has injector pulse, but no regular spark, just an occasional spark, and so it floods it.
    Any ideas,

    • P0340 still indicates a problem with the cam position sensor,
      well rather it indicates that the ecu is not getting the timing pulses it expects from the sensor.

      Umm I Dunno,
      Sensor wiring…
      Fault in ECU…

      It’s probably best to take the vehicle to an auto elec or mechanic at this stage.

      Has anyone else got some ideas for Al?

    • Al did you get a solution? I Have the same problem

      • Add a shim to the seat of the sensor to prevent it from enter all the way through. 3 thousands approx. and that may fix the problem.
        Don’t ask why. 🙂

        • Awesome – how did you know this – new crank and cam angle sensors from Nissan working fine for 3 months then hard/impossible to start when warm, with lots of petrol going through unignited. also new NGK spark plus as spec. put a washer under the 10mm bolt holnding the Crank angle sensor – works like a charm
          Thank you!

    • The same issue has happened to me do u guys know of any fix

  6. My check engine light came on and stayed on for a few weeks until when i would stop the car briefly and then it wouldnt start,grrrr.i would pop the bonnet to let it cool for 30min and id be fine as long as i didnt turn it off when hot haha.
    Changed both parts,$80ea from repco ,genuine too, wasnt that bad to replace,took off intake house and a bracket and that made it easy.now i just have to get someone to take of check light..
    Many thanks for your tips !!!!!

    • You can actually reset the Check Engine Light without any special tools.
      It involves turning the key a few times and pumping the throttle
      in a timed sequence. Its a pain to get the timing right but it is possible,
      It took me a few attempts to get right before I had a diagnostic device.
      Google for it “Xtrail reset check engine light”.

      • Thanks for the tips,I changed my crankshaft sensor 2 days ago,however didn’t want to drive it because malfunction light was still on.
        Was about to take it to the mechanics,then read your tip.
        Took me 3times but got the timing right and Walla light has gone.

  7. Thanks Frank, your post is so helpful. you know you’re a hero, don’t you! my xtrail developed the faults in Canberra (tachco meter worked intermittently), limping 300km to Sydney, i dared not turning off the engine for the whole trip.
    next time an xtrail would not drive at traffic lights, i know it’s the crank sensor problem 🙂

  8. good idea !! i found instructions, printed them and went to the car only to find check light had gone off!! go figure…
    been a week now and all good.fingers crossed lol.
    thanks again frank !!


  9. Hi Frank, thanks a lot for this helpfull instructions,

    I’m not skilled at mechanics, but i will try on this,

    I had the car scanned because the engine light came on, and the car woudn’t start when hot, once the car started seemed to be perfect, but I coudn’t turn it off unless staying at the same place the time enough for the motor to cool down

    the people who scanned the car were kind of lost, actually the scan machine freezed at 20% and they confessed they had never scanned a nissan x-trail before, however the scan reported a code (sadly i dont have) , but the written report they gave to me it is to “check on camshaft sensor”

    I irresponsibly continue using the car for a few months, and now the car does not start at all

    Since I’ve read other comments here with the same symptoms, like Robert’s, i decided to change both position sensors, cam and crank, as my first step in try to return life to the car

    So, i started by removing the Cam position sensor, which seems to be the easy one acoording to this tutorial,

    I have no problem in step a) and b) , but when tryng to remove the old sensor from the head ( step c) , it just dont came out… I’m trying to pull the sensor out with my hand, but it’s not posible by applying human strengh , i have not tried any other tool yet

    so what could be wrong? should i use another tool as a pliers, i wonder if there is a risk of damaging other internal part by forcing the sensor out,

    by the way, the sensor rotates, since the bolt was removed…

    Frank, thanks in advanced for any help in this, at this point i was not able to see the part number, that is what I want to be sure before buying the sensors,

  10. i managed to pull it out, so dont bother in answering…. i will get back here to tell the end of my story

  11. Ok, I ordered two sensors ($40 each) at ebay, OEM Nissan, i am not sure about that, but i replace
    the “easy one” and engine starts and run fine , so i decided not to change the other and keep it as a back up

    Thanks again Frank

    • I just changed the crank angle sensor in my wifes xtrail this afternoon after the car turned off by istelf the other day and a mate diagnosed it for me, since then it played up a little but is still running. Followed instructions on here, but found once removing the bracket holding a wiring loom as you reach down behind the engine block, it was easy to get the sensor out as it gave you lots better access to it. Just thought I’d post this to help others out,

  12. Thank you so much for this guide. Saved my bacon and allot of money. The bottom sensor was pretty hard to get to, and my arm afterwards, looks like it’s had a wild session with a dominatrix. Would of been easier if my arms weren’t th legth of a small child. Thanks again. Awesome guide.

    P.S If you can’t get enough leverage to get the bottom sensor out, use a flat head screw driver to slip between the sensor and the engine, then twist the screwdriver to pop the sensor off.

    • Cheers for the tip Simon.

      Now that you mention it .. I think all cars today are designed by dominatrices as its common to loose a bit of bark off the knuckles even when just changing the oil filter.

  13. Hi all

    I had check engine light on. found out it was the crank shaft sensor. I replaced both the crank and cam shaft sensor and did the reset. but now my car wont start. it swings but does not start. please advise.

    • ..please advise..

      Righto, here’s where id start..

      Engine was operational (somewhat) before the sensors were replaced.
      Put the old sensors back in and see what happens.
      If the engine starts then the new sensors you have are defective in some way.
      Then if you re-fit them one at a time you can nail down which one it is.
      I suspect its the crankshaft sensor playing up, either the wiring or the sensor itself.

  14. Exactly the same issue, struggle starting, feels like it’s running with a ten tonne trailer on the back. Got the P0335 fault code (really good PDF with fault codes and how to get them on the Australian xtrail website) it’s in with a mechanic at the moment, didn’t want to stuff around with it myself. Hopefully getting fixed right now.

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  16. Firstly, many thanks for this site, it saved me a load of money.

    And now for my story……
    2006 X-Trail Auto started to stall on Sunday. Engine was running and gear was in park. The engine check light also appeared. It happened again about 15mins later. I drove home (about 10 miles) and everything was ok.

    Monday morning on the way to work, the car stalled on a roundabout. Took about 2 mins to get it started. 20 mins later it stalled again and again.

    When I got home I hooked up the scanner:
    P0725 = Engine speed signal/sensor problem
    P0335 = Crankshaft position sensor/signal problem

    The next day I rang Nissan to tell them the problem with my car. They wanted £114 to run their own diagnostics. I told them I just want the crankshaft sensor replaced. How much to buy the sensor and fit it? They quoted me £97 for the sensor and £135 to fit it (one and a half hours labour). However, they would not guarantee that would fix the problem. They wanted me to spend £114 on their diagnostis because my codes (above), meant nothing to them. They have their own Nissan codes.

    Anyway, I found your site Frank, and decided to have a go myself. I bought 2 sensors (Crankshaft & Camshaft) on ebay for £70 (for both). Genuine Nissan parts too. I then attempted to find and remove the crankshaft sensor – I did it, and it took 3 hours messing around with various spanners and pliers etc. I found that with a long nose pliers I was able to grab the screw hole part of the sensor and pull it out of the engine. My old sensor (where it attaches to the electrics) was covered in oil. I cleaned the electrical connection with a couple squirts of carb cleaner – let it dry for 20 mins and attached the new sensor.

    The car has been running fine for a few months now.

    I can honestly say that I could change the sensor again in less than half an hour (as I now know where it is and what tools to use).

    Cheers again.

    • Thanks for taking the time to write detailed feedback Sean,

      Kind Regards

    • Thank you very much for this info. Also experienced the same problems on my Nissan Almera, changed the two sensors & the car is now running smooth

    • Hi Frank and guys;on my Xtrail-T30 QR-25(Manual transmission Petrol engine);
      I have had my throttle go real high whilst in neutral mode and pressing clutch to shift gears.. about a week ago the : engine malfunction light came on the dash board….I replaced old throttle motor relay (fuse) and all new spark plugs with air cleaner….still same problem continues. Any tips please? John

  17. I tried to find this well hidden sensor for almost one hour without result until I find your page that point me right to it. I have an X-trail 2002, there is a wire holding piece of metal that gets in the way but it is easy to unbolt, then I could reach to the 10mm sensor bolt and fix my P0335 problem.
    Thanks a lot man, you rule.

  18. With my buddy’s help and info on your blog , was able to replace the sensor in 2 hours. Had to use pliers to pull out old sensor and position new one in place because neither of us could reach the base of the sensor.

    After replacement, car started up fine and feels to be running much better.


  19. Many deep thanks for your blog Frank.

    My series 2 T30 Xtrail with exactly the symptoms you described, and desperately needed the next day for an urgent round trip from Brisbane to Melbourne and back (covering close to 5,000km). I though I was well and truly stuffed.

    After reading your article I immediately borrowed an Analyser – “P0355 – Crank Sensor”.

    First thing next morning I started removing the sensors while my wife went searching for replacements. Saturday morning and all local Nissan parts outlets closed and Repco showed nil-stock anywhere. She found them at Dirt Devil Racing for only $51 each.

    I would NEVER have found that Crankshaft Sensor without your help. I found that removing the top of the air filter with the intake hose, plus one or two bits of wiring and a bracket on the back of the engine made the access SO much easier. If you also trim the ends of a couple of cable ties then the dreaded Dominatrix will not strike.

    Whole job took less than 60 minutes and the car was ready to leave on schedule later that morning. So far it has reached it’s destination East of Melbourne with no problems whatsoever. Return trip should be a doddle.

    Thanks again for your help.

    • Thanks for taking the time to write feedback Mike.

      I’m sure others will benefit by avioding the dominatrix with your tips!


    • For all readers, stick with Nissan OEM updated Sensors. Other aftermarket parts are not meant for these motors. It should be priced cheaply as a set as well.

      In Canada, the Sensor Kit part number is B3731-6N21A, and it was just under $60 Canadian. You get an updated Crankshaft sensor and Cam sensor; both metal, not the cheap plastic that the X-Trail came with originally.

      If you are not in Canada, find out the equivalent. Your local nissan dealer should be able to order it. If they can’t, order it from Amazon or ebay and bring it into the shop to replace, or do it yourself!

    • I have a 2003 x trail t30 2.0 with similar problems, had the error code then changed the crack sensor and cam sensor, no error codes now but!
      Car now starts great when cold and runs fine,
      But once the engine is warm the car will not start, if I wait 30,35 mins off we go again with a nice start and runs great,
      So the car will not start when hot, can anyone help please

      • Hi Paul, have exactly the same problem even after changing both sensors. Did you find the problem?
        Any help much appreciated.

  20. I have replaced the cam and crank angles sensors in the wifey,s xtrail, but it still won’t start. Do I need to clear the codes before it will?

    I jumped the gun and didn’t use a plug in diagnostic as I don’t have one, I just replaced the parts as this is the third joyful instalment of having the sensors replaced. The car had all the same issues as last time hence me jumping the gun.

    Thanks for all your help thus far

    • Hi Scott,

      A non-starting xtrail could be caused by alot of things, that is why it is vital to get the car’s perspective
      on what it thinks is going wrong by reading the error code diagnostics.

      It is actually possible to read the error codes on the xtrail without a special tool.

      You can decode them from the flashes of the CEL (Check Engine Light) once you
      have put the ECU (engine control unit) in the proper mode with the vehicle key & accelerator pedal.

      Google “reading error codes x trail” for the info.

      Hope this helps.

  21. I just took the crank and cam sensor out of my xtrail? Am i right to asume that they should have oil on them?

    • Yes, there is oil on them as the sensors extend into the engine and measure the angular displacement of parts which are bathed in oil (crankshaft & camshaft).

  22. I have done a number of goes at resetting the ECU with no success…following the instructions given…”Xtrail reset check engine light” on google. Mine is a T30 2004 model. Any help would be appreciated!

    • There may be another fault that’s bringing up the CEL.

      Suggest taking your car to an auto electrician or garage to read out the fault codes.

  23. Hi Frank
    I have a 2002 X Trail 2.0 sport with code P0340 have changed sensor but will still not start. Is there only the 1 sensor for cam shafts I have read that there could be a problem with a stretched timing chain. Could this cause the problem?

    • Hi Phil,
      I wouldn’t expect a stretched chain to cause the engine to not start,
      the engine would run rough and probably make a ticking sound though.
      Is the P0340 error code gone?
      There’s one sensor for the cam shaft, and one sensor for the crank shaft.
      Try replacing the one that you didn’t replace.


  24. thank u Frank for advice u have saved me>Zambia one

  25. Found it, fixed it, big thanks mate

  26. Hi Frank

    Thanks a lot for the valuable info. I have the same problem with my 2002, 2l xtrail, just stopped running on the free way, diagnosis revealed the 2 sensors, I’ m crossing my fingers while awaiting the mechanic to fix it, hope will have a happy ending, cheers

  27. Hi Frank,

    My car started to stall but running well after that. It indicated P0340. I replaced both old sensors with the new OEM ones (ordered from ebay) without removing /disconnecting the battery. However, my car cannot start after changing. Please help.


    • Hi Joe,

      Try putting the old sensors back in one at a time and see which sensor is causing the problem.

  28. Hey guys,
    I’m fairly desperate for some help/advice with my 2008 xtrail.
    We’ve owned it for close to 3 years and for the last 2 winters, once the weather cools the car has problems.
    It will start, but sluggish, and loses power intermittently while driving it. Numerous dash lights will appear including CEL and the speedo needle will drop to 0 meaning we have no idea how fast we are going.
    Nissan have looked at it twice and don’t seem to have an answer. Help!

  29. Thanks for this tutorial. May I suggest a 1/4″ drive socket with 6″ extension bar as the best tool for removing the 10mm bolt securing the crank sensor in place. Tried with a spanner and no luck!

  30. My problem is similar but a little different.
    Purchased a 2004 X Trail that drives like a dream around town for short trips. Take it on the highway and around 1/2 hour later it seems to just drop power then goes, then drops power then goes. This happens continually until it is unbearable to drive and dangerous. We were almost cleaned up by a double truck last night. Have had everything checked (had been with mechanic for over a week to fix this fault) also no faults showing.
    Every single time this seems to happen on the highway but mechanic said it also happend to him after driving around town for around 40 mins.
    Mechanic now talking about replacing the computer. Any ideas?

    • Hi Lindy,
      Did you find the cause of your X-Trail problems.
      I have the same issue. My 2005 X-Trail loses all ignition on all cylinders for 0.5 to 5 seconds before kicking back in again with full power. It does this after about 30 minutes of highway driving. It only does it one in about every 5 trips on the highway. Once it starts, it continues to stutter for the rest of the trip even if I stop briefly. The stuttering continues no matter whether I change down gear or slow to 60 kphr. It continues to stutter until I stop and let the engine cool down. There are no engine fault lights at any time. The problem can occur during any weather conditions i.e. hot, cold, wet or dry conditions. Apart from this it runs very smoothly, idles well, never stalls, starts easily 1st time every time … even immediately after stopping on the side of the highway during a stuttering event. It always runs well when I leave it at the Nissan service centre and they can not find any problems. Hopefully you have the answer. Regards, Paul

  31. I replaced both the crank shaft sensors and cam sensors but the car won’t start when I put back the old ones it starts and runs ok. What could be the problem?

  32. Hi Frank

    In the first photo I can see what looks to be a Autel Maxiscan? I can’t seem to find the model you have online I can only find the MS300. Can you shed any more light on the scanner you are using and where you got it?


    • G’Day Heath,

      It looks like the cheapie OBD2 tool I got from jaycar some years back is no longer in their catalog.
      They have a newer bluetooth version which connects to a smartphone now…

      CAT.NO: PP214

  33. Great write up and thank you, for info just found that for UK 2002 x trail 2.0 petrol the crank sensor is located close to the back lower ‘right edge’ of the engine as you look from the front – I’d been ‘feeling’ further to the left originally. With the pipe bracket removed access just possible.



    Banchory Scotland

  34. Hi Frank

    Thanks for creating this, it has been invaluable to many people. I would like to know whether you need to disconnect the lead from the negative battery terminal before you start replacing the sensor? Also, after the replacement, do you need to do any adjustments to the computer?


  35. Thanks you very much.

    I am not too good at fixing cars. But I hate getting ripped off.

    To replace the cam position sensor got quoted. $325 for the NRMA to do it. $285 at Nissan. Based on above sounded over the top.

    Went to AutoOne got a genuine Nissan part and had it done and dusted in 15 mins.

    Awesome. Thanks for the clear instructions and excellent pics.

  36. Hi all,

    I have a Nissan X-trail 2002, we have had an ongoing issue with our orange engine light coming on each time we r starting from a cold start. We have changed cam and position sensors and put car on scanner to remove luminated engine light. It keeps coming up with P0340.

    When the car is warm we can start it with the first turn of the key and the car will fire up starlight away but when cold it’ll rev up and cut out immediately and if it starts it’ll cough and splatter and sometimes back fire.

    Can anyone please offer any advise as to what it can be?

  37. I’ve had the same stalling issues at various times of the day with various temperatures. I’ve had the car in at 2 different mechanics and attached to 5 different diagnosic machines and not one error code it recorded. Should I assume it’s the crank and cam sensors?

  38. Breaks hard and high , vehicle losing power , then stalling though does not go off. Change of gear from D to 2 to 1 yields no results. What could the problem with my X trail?

  39. Hi there,
    Thanks very much for this incredibly useful post. Saved me a lot of money and time! My Nissan dealership quoted $330 for replacing only the crank sensor. I picked up 2 sensors at my local Repco for $60 each and followed the instructions you posted, and some of the comments above. Particularly useful for me was the comment about unbolting the metal bracket nearby the crank sensor that carries a couple of wires. Once that was out the way it was reasonably easy (once I’d found the sensor). Used a 10mm ring spanner to undo the bolt, and was very careful not to drop the bolt once it was coming loose. Had to wiggle and pull pretty hard to get the old sensor out, but having done the cam sensor first, I had an idea of how hard it would be. Only one slightly scraped knuckle, and finished both within half an hour. Thanks again.

  40. greetings ,I have a 2002 xtrail and after starting it cold after exactly 8 klm country road drive it starts loosing power ,you can hold accelerator flat and it just surges , you can limp home no worries and it always starts , I changed the fuel filter that was very dirty ,spark plugs and did oil change and oil and air filter,has to be something electrical .I thought it might be an air flow meter sensor if theres such a thing but ive been reading your posts on cam censor and crank angle sensor . any light on the subject will help, thankyou.rob

    • I had similar problems. In cold weather starts (when temp. is lower than 7 degrees Celcius) the engine would start and go normally for about 2 minutes. Then it would stop suddenly. After you turn the ignition again it would start and go without any problems. I had both sensors replaced with the newer metal ones and the problem was over for nearly two years. It is winter time and I seem to have the same problem again. I think it is a minor crack in the sensor circuit which causes that problem. As the engine warms up the change in the engine temperature may cause the sensor malfunction intermittently. I also think that it is a shame for Nissan not to have solved this chronic problem.

  41. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for this. I found it really helpful. Just wondering, does the cam position sensor look the same as the crankshaft sensor? Are they the same part number?

  42. Rob, you have a low flow fuel pump

  43. 05 xtrail…no check engine light on…starts. Drive 3 mins then loses power for 2 secs then regains power. I can almost pinpoint the exact location it will lose power from my home, it’s that commonplace. It will also stall periodically both when driving and at idle. Any ideas.

  44. My tribute to Frank:
    1/ Many, Many thanks, the fourth symptom being the most painful. Your tuto is superb, great to have spent some time for the rest of Humanity
    2/ if you get a P0340, do not mess around, change both sensors ( not explicit, but same référence)
    3/ i first got a P340, obviously on the holydays way, with all luggage and yelling wife, that was all my fault
    4/ i replaced the camshaft sensor with a genuine part, and got all errors erased
    5/ not more than 50 km later, the car started to stall (obviously, my wife driving back from supermarket with icecream and deep frozen stuff, all my fault again)
    6/ that time, P0335 code
    7/ with removing first the supporting bracket (wire harness + 2 heater hoses), i changed the sensor in 20 minutes.
    Conclusion: thanks again to you Frank, and to Mike for the bracket removal.
    Useful info to avoid code erasing fee :

    Take care to all of you.

    Bertrand from France – Frank and Mike, very welcome home if you come over.

    • Thanks for the kind words Bertrand,
      And for sharing the details and fixes to your Xtrail (IE change both sensors, remove bracket, ECM reset).

      My wife is very excited about the prospect of a trip to France!

  45. hey,
    ive been having a real hard time trying to fix my xtrail. it has the same symptoms as above so we replaced the sensors and cleared the codes. sometimes it wont start somtimes it will. ive swapped around the new and old sensors but still no good.we swapped ecu’s, air flow meters and have checked timming marks on the chain,ivt solenoide and still getting the cam sensor code on ecu. really running out of ideas here and i need some help. any ideas? cheers joe

  46. i have problem with hard starting ,i have been replace the crank sensor and cam sensor but the engine light still on, put the scan tools again still say crank sensor faulty, been check all connector and clean, any one can help me with any suggestion
    thank you

  47. after leaving my car yesterday night, today iwoke up it is not starting but all the warning lights including engine check light all showing up idont know what can be the cause need your help please please am down

    • ifound the engine sencor with alot of oil and the connector have oil aswell which is showing that the sensor have asmall hole where is oil is passing but is this sensor oky or now help me please

  48. I bought camshaft position sensor for 2002 Nissan X-Trail in order to replace the defective one. Now the problem l found was the sitting arrangement for the old and the new one. The clip for securing the connector on the old sensor is at the bottom where as on the new sensor the clip is suppose to hold on top. The question is if l turn the connector upside down and connect it, is it going to work, will there be any effect on the sensor or controller, am l going to change the polarity on the connector. Please advise if there will be any damage l will cause.

  49. my extrail have replaced both sensors but engine cuts and now car is not starting any more even with old sensors. fuel discharge is perfect. please help

  50. H Frank.
    My Xtrail QR20 overheated and damaged the cylinder head and the head gasket. The cylinder head was reconditioned and fitted back. After assembling the engine it still failed to start because there was no spark at the coil packs. The diagnosis machine indicated that the cam and crank position sensors were not working and so I placed the with new ones (plastic). My challenge is that even after changing the sensors there is still no spark on the coil packs causing the engine not to start. What could be the problem with my vehicle?

  51. My 2.0 X-Trail also had similar problems. In cold weathers (lower than 7 degrees celcius) it would start normally but as the engine warms up to a certain point after a 2-minute drive engine stops suddenly. It starts and moves on normally once you turn the ignition again. I had both sensors replaced with the new metal ones and the problem was over for nearly 2 years. Nowadays, it is winter time and I seem to have the same problem again. I think the sensor has a minor crack in the circuit metal work and the change in the engine heat causes that fault appear which in turn stops the engine. I still thing that this is a shame for Nissan.

  52. Thanks for the help. This was my go-to for information when I replaced mine.

    Very helpful and, unfortunately for me, very accurate in the trickiness of replacing the 2nd sensor, i was praying it would be easier than stated but alas no.

    I had the diagnostics checked and indeed the code P0335 came up so I knew the sensors were the problem. I didn’t know however, they would decide to shut the car down in outback Australia 3hrs from anywhere with the sun going down. Thankfully for me I had the replacement sensors in the car.

    It took me just under 2 hrs to replace the part. I used a small socket set (10mm) and some long nose pliers. I got away with only removing the top of the air filter to gain access but, as stated above, my arm looked like I have been playing with Siegfried and Roy’s tiger by the end.

    The best tips i could add are to remember that:

    The bolt is 10mm (hard to see and hard to get to so this will save any mis-matches of sockets)
    Hardest part is removing the sensor, i managed with the long nose pliers but it took some heaves and some swearing
    Try to keep cable clipped in to the sensor while removing as it will mean less chance of losing in in the depths of the engine
    Be patient, you will need patience, lots of patience

  53. Hi.plese help.my QR20 engine Nissan X-trail has been cutting off on its own. I have tried to change both sensors but the problem still comes. What could be the problem?

  54. Thank you this site has helped me fix my girlfriends T30, excellent work!

  55. is it the same sensor for both? in other words can i buy a cam sensor and replace the crank position sensor? it is for my 2007 nissan xtrail 2.5 petrol. thanks

  56. Where could i get the sensor that’s right below the cam angle sesnor?

  57. Thank you this forum I learned a lot from it but my problem on the Xtrail Qr20 that I replaced the crank sensor but now the car battle to start after the 3 rd or 4th time it started but the engine runs smoothly ide on 711 rpm and does not cut out can some help on this one

  58. @ frank. These cam shaft and crankshaft sensors…problem im having with o5 model everything drives good cold.warms up then you cant accelerate? If you touch throttle it stalls? Same issues or somethin different maybe?

  59. Need help 04 Nissan xtrail drains new battery needs a jumpstart. Makes a whirring noise to when try n start.. help please… alternator maybe?
    No engine light

  60. Need help with my nissan xtrail, not sure which model (year). I has the tendency when running, it suddenly fails to acclerate when stepping the accelerator. I could only hear the engine revv but did not accelerate. some one told me its something to do with the throttle sensor but i dont know where its located. Any comment what i should do.

  61. hi

    I’m Peter
    please help me I need to the location of a temperature sensor for my Nissan primera.

  62. Thanks. Don’t think I would have found the b a s t a r d without your help!

    I took off air box and rubber hose, and the inlet manifold mount under the butterfly.

  63. Thanks a bunch for this Frank, saved me me a boatload of cash. One mechanic tried to quote me $1000 to change the sensors out, and another wanted to check the car (i.e. to charge me to plug in a diagnostic to tell me the code I’d already found).

    For $80 on eBay, plus a bit of time and patience, my car is no longer shuddering in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears! Success!

    I haven’t trawled all the comments (although it seems one person touched on this) but two extra useful bits of information:

    X-Trails have an in-car diagnostic, which means you don’t need to actually have access to an OBD scanner. You can search online, but the sequence is to turn the ignition to ON, but don’t tick it over, after 3sec depress the accelerator 5 times within 5 seconds, then wait EXACTLY 7 seconds (you’ll need a stopwatch because it DOES need to be exact), then depress the accelerator and hold down for 10 seconds. If you’ve done it properly your check engine light will flash in a sequence that corresponds to a fault code. You can find more about this online, and it means not having to fork out for an OBD scanner.

    Secondly, there is a bracket in the engine bay, just below and slightly left of the air filter tube, that can be loosened using, from memory, a 12mm spanner. I found moving this out of the way made getting to the rear sensor a whole lot easier, and didn’t take as much time and effort as removing the whole air filter unit.

  64. FOLKS, Many thanks for all the helpful information. I find it intolerable that a mere sensor can cause so much trouble, when it should simply indicate a fault or that all is well. I’m so annoyed I think I’ll sell my X-Trail and never buy a Nissan again.

  65. Hey everybody. So here’s the deal…my daughter’s 04 X-Trail wouldn’t start and sat threw a cold spell (-30 degrees, that’s Canada for you) for a week. We tried to start it but it wouldn’t turn over. I replaced the Throttle body and got it started. Then it wouldn’t rev higher than 1500rpm, couldn’t drive it. Used tons of throttle body cleaner. Re-learned and got it working but rpm’s going up and down in idle. Then it said mass air flow. Bought one. Then Cam shaft sensor. Haven’t tackle that one yet. Essentially the vehicle runs but it keeps revving up and down when in idle (1800rpm to 2100rpm). At one point I could disconect one of the spark injectors and it would idle smoothly. Now, not so much. I’ve disconnected the battery, re-learned the throttle sensor numerous times after different attempts, and so on. After 3 days of trying stuff, I just got the Throttle body error code again (after clearing the Cam Shaft error code as the vehicle wouldn’t start) and it’s still revving between 1800rpm- 2100rpm. HEEEELP!

  66. Hi, i know this is an old thread, my xtrail 2005 sve as gone from a total loss of power, 1st gear up hills but idling ok showing a fault code of p1275, this now being reset and fuel pump re programmed by pressing peddle 7 times, wait etc and light is now off but now takes 3 or 4 attempts to start, won’t idle, just cuts out and cuts out at low revs, it’s driving me nuts, no EML on so no codes, could this still be those sensors?, Also kangaroos when still cold please help!!!!! Dedperate

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