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History and pictures




Christmas Party 1987 Catholic Club Christmas Party Catholic Club 1884 Betty Sara (Sara Quads) Arnold Austin VK2ADA, won 1st Perc Sara Award.  
Christmas Party Catholic Club 1987. Christmas Party 1984 Bob Brien on end VK2DQB  
Christmas Party 1985 Peter McAdam VK2EVB on end Arnold Austin VK2ADA, Behind him. Sandy Beach. 1983  
 Sandy Beach 1983 Arnold Austin 
 VK2ADA, Harry Alderson   VK2EP   Allan Savins VK2EFM, and Merv Savins VK2DMS, Sandy Beach 1983  
  Voice repeater 1988       Voice Repeater 1988    Christmas party Phoen Wong  

Written by Max Francis VK2BMK (edited by Ken Golden VK2DGT) from club minutes and a few other documents that is available. From about 1990, notes were taken mainly from the “5x9” news letters.

In September 1978 three Coffs Harbour District amateurs, Norm Cameron VK2ZNQ, Brian Slarke VK2ZCQ[sk] and Max Francis VK2BMK, felt that as there was a lack of amateur activity in the area, an Amateur Radio Club would assist in the creation of more activity. With the aim of creating a club, they wrote to all amateurs in the area bounded by Macksville, Dorrigo and Woolgoolga, inviting them to a meeting to be held at the Ocean View Hotel, Urunga on 15th October 1978.

As it was felt that number of local CB operators would be interested in amateur radio, an invitation was issued to the Coffs Harbour CB club and several amateurs attended a meeting of the CB club to talk to the members and let them know the advantages of Amateur Radio.

The first meeting was held at the Ocean View with about 30 interested people in attendance. After an explanation of the reasons for the meeting and a general discussion several motions were presented and carried resulting in the formation of an Amateur Radio Club with the general boundaries of Macksville, Dorrigo and Woolgoolga and the name ‘Coffs Harbour and District Amateur Radio Club’. Several amateurs from the Port Macquarie area also joined to assist with getting the club running. Then assistance in the foundation was greatly appreciated.

A number of those present were CB operators. A provisional constitution, based on one suggested by the WIA was presented and adopted subject to final approval at the next meeting. The date of the next meeting was set as 3 December, again at the Ocean View Hotel. 25 of those present joined the club at the meeting. The initial membership list is thought to have been:- Jack Gerard VK2ADN, Arthur Monck VK2ATM

Harry Alderson VK2NSR-ep, Fred ReidVK2DLW

Paul Ireland VK2DMV, John Lake VK2OK. Stan Glyde

Arnold Austin vk2ada Terry Thorne VK2TL, VK2GC, Morrie Allen vk2qv

Peter Drady VK2NIE-dbi Bruce Telfer VK2NHZ-ddu,

Ken Golden VK2NSJ-dgt, Jim Brinkman VK2IS,

Rick Fletcher VK2NSY-bkv, Noel Hansen VK2AHH

Max Francis VK2BMK Norm Cameron VK2ZNQ-knc

Russel Ashdown VK2NUN Karen Ashdown VK2NUE

Brian Slarke VK2ZCQ, Dave Harding VK2DUR, Eric Collins vk2dah

Brian Lackie vk2dlm, Ray Golden vk2brg

Note - call signs in lower-case were gained later on.

The First Executive was: President Max Francis , Secretary Norm Cameron. Treasurer Brian Slarke, Committee: John Lake, Bruce Telfer, Rick Fletcher, Peter Drady.

It was also passed that the club sponsor the Urunga Convention and Field Day held over the Easter week-end each year.

As the Club had no meeting room at this stage a request was made for the use of a room at the Coffs Harbour Technical College and permission obtained. The first meeting was held on 14 February 1979. The Novice Course began on 21 February. There were several instructors at this stage. Some of them were Tony Langman, Norm Cameron and Rick Fletcher. Hans Schumacher was the CW instructor assisted by several others.

Arrangements were made for the use of rooms in the Manual Arts block at the Orara High School in Bray St. The move was made about June 1979.

Rick VK2NSV, [later vk2bkv] ran the Novice courses until he left the area in 1985 and as a result of his training many operators gained their Novice licenses. Assistance has also been given to many Novice operators to enable them to gain their Full or Limited licenses.

To assist students or operators Harry Alderson VK2NSR, [later vk2ep] conducted an early morning slow Morse training session on the air for various periods between 1979 and 1982. This Morse session was also used by many prospective amateurs outside the club area. The call sign VK2DVF was granted to the club for use as the club call sign and also used by a station at the Orara High run for interested students by Rick Fletcher. In 1988 after the death of Harry Alderson, the club callsign was changed to VK2EP as a memorial to Harry Alderson for his assistance with Morse training.



Sep. Formation of amateur radio club suggested. Local Amateurs and CB operators contacted.

15 Oct. Inaugural meeting at Ocean View Hotel Urunga.

22 Nov. 1st Committee meeting

3 Dec. Foundation meeting at Ocean View Hotel.

4 Dec. Club net commenced.


13/15 Apr. Urunga Convention

June Offer of Yaesu FT2F 2M Transceiver and aerials by Great Lakes Radio Club to be used as a 2M repeater

accepted. Picked up at Port Macquarie Field Day.

11 Jul. Club meeting place changed to Manual Arts Building at Orara High. Club moved to have supper after

meetings. Bruce VK2DDU First ‘tea lady’. Offer of Xtals for repeater by Peter Drady VK2DBI. accepted.

15 Oct. Club news session starts on Net. Rick Fletcher first news reader.

26 Oct. Club to donate Weller Solder Station to Orara High. $10 open order to top electronics student at Orara High.

28 Nov. Xmas party at Sandy Beach.



16 Mar. Family day at Urunga.

19 Mar. Talk by Bill Morris and Allan Wentworth from Integrated Engineering on Basic Digital Electronics.

Jota 1988 Allan Burrows Naiome England Lodge Guide Hall John Moyle Field Day Foreshore Coffs Harbour 1988    Jota 1985 Bob Colsell VK2AWA Rain pouring in window  
Christmas Party Yacht Club 1988 John Moyle Field Day Bob Colsell VK2AWA 1988      Jota 1989 Paul Mainey VK2KTT, Peter Mc Addam Vk2EVBV, John Williams VK2BUI Guide Hall  
John Moyle Field Day Bob Colsel VK2AWA, Merv Savins VK2DMS, Foreshores 1988 Jota 1986 Toni Nysen Fred Gordon, Ken Golden VK2DGT       Jota 1985 Bruce Telfer VK2DDU, Rick Fletcher VK2BKV  
Jota 1986 Bruce Telfer (Donald Ducks Uncle) VK2DDU, Ken Golden VK2DGT Jota 1987 Peter Mc Addam VK2EVB, Emiel Hartenger VK2NEH      Jota 1986 Toni Nysen  
Jota 1987 made contact with Jota 1989 Ken Golden VK2DGT Naiome England Lodge  

4-6 Apr. Urunga convention.

9 Apr. Harry Alderson VK2NSR starts morning Slow Morse session.

Apr. Meeting at Coffs Harbour RSL. Farewell to Norm Cameron VK2ZNQ and Peter Drady VK2DBI.

23/24 May. Exhibit at Coffs Harbour Show.

31 May. Exhibit at Bellingen Show.

4 Jun. Start Novice.course #3. 26 enroll.

Rick Fletcher VK2BKV elected club WICEN co-coordinator.

10 Oct. Harry Alderson recommence morning slow Morse.

Nov. Presentation of Weller Soldering station and $10 open order as for 1979.

18 Nov. Novice Exam — 13 candidates. 9 pass.

19 Nov AGM.Start of ‘Campaign 81’ in full.

Application to be made for Club Call sign.

Ken Golden net controller.

7 Dec. Xmas party at Sandy Be ach.



11 Feb. 1st meeting for 1981 start of 1981 Novice course #4 25 enroll . AOCP course 6 enrol & 6 pass.

18 Mar. Percy Sara VK2QV joined club. Morse Tutor to be bought in conjunction with school in lieu soldering station.

15 Apr. Morse Tutor received.

Moved that all club funds, be put into a single account. Advice that Phil Smith was to be examined for the

L.A.O.C.P. at his home, after many approaches to DOC. Part of Campaign 81.PhiL is confined to a

wheelchair, And, as this was the Year of the Disabled this enabled pressure

  Rick Fletcher, VK2BKV, Maurie Allen (VK2QV Percs old call). Brian Lackie, VK2DLM, Elsie  Allen.
      Removing Percy Sara Antenna 1983        Removing Percy Saras antenna 1983 Brian Lackie VK2DLM
Yessabah Caves Kempsey 1984 Wicen exercise Yesabah Caves Kempsey Wicen Exercise 1984
Yessabah Caves Kempsey 1984 Wicen exercise Margret Nally send off 1983-84 CWA Rooms

to be used on Phil’s behalf.

17/19 Apr. Urunga Convention.

9 May. Repeater VK2RCH fired up at Mt Coramba.

18 May. Novice Exam. 7 candidates.

24/25 May. Exhibit at Coffs Harbour Show

27 May. Club Call Sign VK2DVF received.

1 Jul. Visit to NRN-11 Studios.

21 Jul. Max Francis VK2BMK WICEN observer at Air Port emergency-exercise

at Coffs Harbour.

10 Sep. Rick Fletcher nominated for Dick Smith Educator of the Year Award.

19-20 Sep. Week-end Field day at George’s Gold Mine.




18 Nov. AGM. Ken Go1den VK2DGT net controller. Follow up to Campaign 81.

VHF Group formed.

29 Nov. Family Day at Boambee.

9 Dec. Xmas social at Coffs Harbour Yacht Club.


Harry Ussher VK2DUJ Net Controller.

9/11 Apr. Urunga Convention

11 May. Novice exam. 14 candidates. 4 pass.

30 May. Family outing. .

7 Jul. C1ub ta1k in, - fox hunt.

16 Aug. Harry Alderson VK2EP applied to DCC for permission to conduct morning Slow Morse training broadcast. Granted.

15 Sep. Novice course #6 start..

28 Nov. Family BBQ held at Coffs Harbour Beach Area.

15 Dec. Xmas party at Coffs Harbour Yacht Club.



16 Feb. Club news letter to be published

1-3 Apr. Urunga Convention

Apr. First issue club news letters.

1 May Harold Wright VK2AWH gave talk on RTTY.

Jun. Margaret Nally VK2DQU wins CW contest at Port Macquarie Field Day.

21 Jun. Death Percy Sara VK2QV.

6 Jul. Novice course #47. Amateur equipment display. 12 students enroll. 8 complete

Jul. Farewell social to Margaret Nally VK2DQU at Coffs Harbour CWA Hall.

20 Jul. Purchase by club and Orara High of beam & rotator from estate of Percy Sara.

21 Sep. Club moved to disassociate from the running of future Urunga Conventions.


30 Oct. Club outing at Sandy beach..

6 Dec. Xmas party at Yacht Club.


5 Feb. Deferred 1983 AGM Clause 43 amended.

21 Mar. Purchase of Philips FM 828 repeater unit replacement for Yaesu FT2F.

Authorised .
Offer of Percy Sara award by Betty Sara accepted

Meeting nights to 2nd and 4th Wednesdays as from May.
Port McQuarie 1986 Ken Golden VK2DGT Fox Hunt Champion Port McQuarie 1986 Winning team Vicky Austin, Arnold Austin Vk2ADA, Ken Golden VK2DGT Bob Brien VK2DQB won cake Christmas 1990
Radio Inspector demonstrating Frequency counter Digital Frequency Analiaser, Fred McSkimming          Max Francis VK2BMK Life Membership Arnold Austin  1993         Ken Golden VK2DGT John Moyle Field Day

20/22Apr. Urunga Convention.

26/27 May WICEN training week-end at Orara High for NW Zone members.

30 May Inspection Coffs Harhour Ambulance Station.

12 Jun. New Philips repeater on air.

18/19 Aug. WICEN Exercise at Yessabah Caves west of Kempsey,

with Caves Rescue Bob VK2AWA, Ken

VK2DGT & Max VK2BMK from Coffs Harbour attended.


21 Nov. AGM. First ‘Percy Sara’ Award won by Arnold Austin VK2ADA.

6 Dec. Xmas Party at Yacht Club. Presentation of ‘Percy Sara’ Award by Betty Sara.


   Jota History to 1988 by CHADARC  submitted by Toni Nysen


Jota  Toni Nysen (Finch)1998 Ken Golden Jota Ken Golden VK2DGT 1993 Jota 1989 Ken Golden VK2DGT, Peter Mc Adam VK2EVB, John Williams VK2BUI
Bob Colsell, Jota 1991 Peter Mc Adam VK2EVB Jota 1994 Ray Golden VK2BRG Jota 1995 Ray Golden VK2BRG
Top of Bunker City Hill 1991 John Williams VK2BUI, Greg Rees VK2PYU, Merve  Savins  VK2DMS, Ken Golden VK2DGT Bob Colsel, VK2AWA, Arnold Austin VK2ADA, Greg Rees Vk2PYU,Peter McAddam Vk2EVB, Merv Savins Vk2DMS, inspecting Bunker City Hill            Inside Bunker 1991


3 Mar. Death of Jack Gerard VK2ADN. (Tasma Theatre)

24 Mar Beach picnic day at Woolgoolga Lake

5/7 Apr Urunga Convention.

19 Jun Talk by Sgt. Nevill Livingstone of Coffs Harbour Police.

21 Aug Club accepted AAPRA offer of Packet repeater.

19/20 Oct JOTA at Coffs Harbour Sawtell and Woolgoolga.

20 Nov AGM
Nov Percy Sara Award won by Rick Fletcher VK2BKV.
4 Dec Xmas party at Peking Palace.

15 Dec Family social day at Keogh Park, Gleniffer.


Jan Rick Fletcher leaves Coffs Harbour.

19 Mar Rick Fletcher and Max Francis granted Life membership.

28/30 Mar Urunga Convention.

Ken Golden VK2DGT Fox Hunt Champion at Port Macquarie Field Day, Winning Team with Ken Golden, Arnold VK2ADA and Vicki Austin.


18 Jun New Constitution presented to club for discussion.

17 Sep New constitution adopted.

19/20 Oct JOTA

Dec Xmas party at Coffs Harbour Catholic Club.


18 Feb Club to accept the Urunga Convention as annual social event.

17/19 Apr Urunga Convention.

19 Sep Packet repeater group formed.

17/18 Oct JOTA from Coffs Harbour, Woolgoo1ga, Sawtell.

24 Nov Xmas party Coffs Harbour Catholic Club


8 Feb Digipeater installed on same site as voice repeater.

1/3 Apr Urunga Convention.

Jun Antennae stolen from both repeaters.

13 Jul Harold Wright VK2AWH killed by motor cycle, in accident, in Sydney.

15 Oct JOTA display at Palms Centre. Call sign VI88NSW (Bi-centennial Year Call).

30 Nov Xmas party at Coffs Harbour Catholic Club.


15 Mar Visit to R.V.C.P. HQ at Jetty. Trip on “Nemesis”.


24/26 March, Urunga Convention.

16 Jun BBQ at Jetty foreshores with talk--in Fox Hunt.

2 July Norm Napper VK2FIN suffers a coronary attack away from home and was saved as a result of the call he

made on his VHF hand held which was heard by three club members. As a result the Ambulance was called

and arrived within minutes. Norm made a full recovery in Coffs Harbour Hospital.

Trophy offer by Elva xyl late VK2EP, accepted by club. Decision on manner of selection of recipient to be decided at later meeting

. 29 Nov Xmas party held at Coffs Harbour Catholic Club. Harry Alderson’ Trophy presented to club by Elva Alderson.

Dec New Digipeater equipment installed.



14/15 Apr Urunga Convention - (not much rain).

2 May Bruce Telfer VK2DDU granted Life Membership.

Jun/Jul Ken & Ray Golden. VK2DGT & VK2BRG Safari to Top end. tip of Cape York. Good contacts with Coffs Harbour all the way.

6 Jun/7 Nov N.A.O.C.P, Classes conducted by John VK2BUI.

22 Aug Application made for permission to re-broadcast VK2WI Sunday broadcasts on VK2RCH.

26 Aug BYO BBQ & Fox Hunt (talk in) at Jetty Foreshores.


Oct Re-broadcast of VK2WIA commenced on VK2RCH, Peter VK2EVB & John VK2BUI as operators.
CHADARC new Club Room 1993.   Field Day in the 90's Tower being Dismantled from Rowley Princes place VK2CRP, and Paul Mainey VK2KTT

20/21 Oct JOTA

17 Nov NAOCP Exams – 17 candidates.

21 Nov AGM

Dec Death of Jim Brinkman VK2IS

17 Dec Death of Bruce Telfer VK2DDU after long illness.


19 Feb Start of new Novice Course by VK2BUI. 16 students.

30/31 Mar Urunga Convention.. Rain on Saturday afternoon..

Mar Investigation of possibility of obtaining use of Ex-DCA hut on Beacon Hill from Shire Council as Club Rooms. Application made.

May UHF Digipeater being organized.. Possibility of UHF voice and Amateur TV repeaters being investigated.


15 Jan First meeting of year.

June Members attended a meeting of the Link Rd Sporting Fields Management Committee
Recondition Beam 2009 Les Sidebottom VK2CPC on roof Recon Beam 2009
CHADARC Recondition Beam 2009 Terry and Les Recon Beam Darell Barwise VK2THU, Pat Halpin VK2BPH, Gordon Heyes VK2PO, Ray Golden VK2BRG, Ian Ward VK2MPW
Jota Eric Shaw VK2ES 2003 Domenic Dahl Jota 2003
Ken Golden VK2DGT Fox Hunt 2010 Jota CHADARC Hogbin Drive Terry Wood VK2TEZ, Eric Shaw VK2ES Showground Control CHADARC
Christmas party 2006Ray Golden, Robert Hancock, Ken Golden Christmas Party 2006 Boambee Reserve CHADARC Robyn Golden
Christmas party at Boambee Reserve 2006 Ken Golden Ian Ward , Fred McSkimming,   Kit Christmas Party Boambee Reserve 2006 Ian Ward,,......
Trees cut down 2011 Fred VK2FM and Tree Loper Christmas Party Boambee reserve 2006

with the view of investigating the erection of Club Rooms on the complex.

Council also contacted re a site and or a building we could obtain.

15 Jul Meetings moved to Coffs Harbour Community Village, cnr Payless.

17/18 Oct JOTA at Coffs Guide Hall & Sawtell Scout Hall.

18 Oct Moved that CHADARC become incorporated.

See 3 Feb1993 committee motions & meeting of 17.3.1993.

18 Nov AGM




     Moving Old Band Hall from Brelsford Park  
 Old Band Hall being removed from Brelsford Park 1993. Golden Bros loader assisting removal, truck bogged

Feb From ‘5 x 9’ REPORT -. Re Club meeting room. ‘Approach made to Coffs Shire Council

re old “Band Hall”building Brelsford Park. Mr. Shaw from Parks & Buildings said if the

Club officially requested the donation of it. A letter was written and delivered to

Mr. Shaw’ s secretary

The most likely location is a site in Toormina Sport and Recreation Centre, Toormina

of Hogbin Drive. Rental suggested subject to agreement with the management is

Ray Golden VK2BRG, Ken Golden VK2DGT about to move off from Brelsford Park 1993 new Radio Club room Old Band Hall moving along Albany St, to new club site Hogbin Drive 1993    
  Club room site Rex Hardacre Oval 1993    New CHADARC club room home Rex Hardacre Oval Hogbin Drive 1993

$350 per annum including water and electricity. An approach has been made to

Mr. C.Gibbs, Donville House removals for a quote.

de Greg YK2PYU

3 Feb Meeting of Club Committee - The following motions be

moved  at a general meeting on 17 Mar 1993

That CHADARC be incorporated.That the name of the  club be

 the "Coffs Harbour & District Amateur Radio Club" Incorporated.

The club accept the offer of the Coffs Harbour City Council of

Old Brass Band Hall moved from" Brelsford Park" to "Rex Hardacre Oval" Hogbin Drive

C.H.A.D.A.R.C Members and Golden Bros Loader assisted (truck became bogged)

 old  Band Hall in Brelsford Park and re-locate it to a site on the 

Toormina Sport Recreational Grounds in Hogbin Drive, as our

 permanent Club House (Estim. cost of re-location etc $4215)   

        Robyn and Ken Golden VK2DGT Coms point Bucca Coffs Coast Rally 2010           Marshalls Coffs Coast Rally 2010
        Ken and Robyn Golden SOS POint Bucca 2010          SOS Point Bucca  Coffs Coast Rally 2010 
        Ran into the nighjt Coffs Coast Rally 2010 Bucca          Who is this Man, Eric Bogged rescued by Ken


Coffs Coast Rally      Bucca                       KenGoldenVK2DGT,

Terry Wood VK2TEZ, 

 Eric Shaw,VK2ES.

Showground Rally Control 2010

         Ken Golden VK2DGT, Terry Wood VK2TEZ, Eric Shaw Vk2ES Coffs Coast Rally Control Show Ground  Coffs Harbour 2010

Suggestion that the Club raise money for removal and setting up club house by raising loans from

club members, suggested $60 per member.

 Robyn and Ken Golden VK2DGT, "Comms Point" Coffs Coast Rally Bucca 2010



17 Mar   

       Meeting to Discuss and vote on motions from Committee meeting of Club 75%

       Members needed to pass motion for Incorporation. The following motions were passed

That the club becomes incorporated. That the name be changed to

Coffs Harbour and District Amateur Radio Club Incorporated”.

That the Club adopt the Model Rules as issued by the Dept of Consumer Affairs,

That the present Secretary Bob VK2DQB be nominated as Public Officer

That the club accept the offer of the Old Band Hall in Brelsford Park

and relocate it to the Toormina Sport and Recreation Grounds in Hogbin Drive.

28 Mar Com. Meeting - That the quote from a Woolgoolga firm of house movers be

accepted. Move not to commence until incorporation is completed. Following and
incorporation the Coffs Council to be advised confirming acceptance of the offer

indicate that we wish to move the building within the following 3 months.Request further

information in writing re the clubs interest in the grounds. That the club attempt                                    

to raise finance via a Loan Scheme as detailed in ‘5X9’ April 1993.

VK2EP Award be made an encouragement award for promoting Amateur Radio’.

9-11 Apr Urunga Convention

Apr From ‘5X9’ investigation of new site for repeaters Bruxner Park location made.

Letter received from Toormina Sport b Recreation Association with quote for site rent

$100 from Urunga Convention towards building scheme.

Now pledged $1800, $800 so far received towards loan target of $3000.

Jun From ‘5X9’ 16/6/93 - Decision made to go ahead with removal of Band building

using Loan funds and funds invested by club. Date of removal subject to receipt

of Certificate of Incorporation At examinations held recently by John VK2BUI,

Hans DGV & Peter EVB a few more club members gained higher grades.

Jul From ‘5X9’ 21/7/93 Secretary Bob VK2DQB advised that the Certificate of

Incorporation now received. Club now CHADARC Inc.Aug ‘5x9’ 18/8/93

Donations of material from Pioneer (cement), Golden’s Gravel (sand & gravel),

Clipsal Aust (electrical fittings). Workers - DGT, BRG, CAT, PYU, BFM, POC, ADA, KTT, BUI,

electrician Bill McCurran + others not named..


21st July 1993

The new CHADARC VK2EVB—1 Packet Bulletin Board has been running

for about 3 weeks. Thanks to Dave VK2YDN for assistance.

A Dick Smith Commander 2m

Jota 2011 Max Francis VK2BMK CHADARC room Hogbin Drive  Jota 2011 Max McGill    
Guides on Fox Hunt Jota 2011  Carl Winkler (The Fox) Jota 2011 Fox Hunt   Some of the organizers Fred McSkimming VK2FM, Ken Golden VK2DGT, Carl Winkler, Les Sidebottom VK2CPC, also Toni Nysen Guides Coffs Harbour  Jota 2011  

1993 The VHF antenna has been repaired giving enhanced coverage.

16/17 Oct Jamboree on the Air.

20 Oct First meeting in new club houses. Work on repairing

the building mainly due to the efforts of Greg CAT, Fred

BFM, Ray BRG, Ken DGT, John BUI and Greg PYU. Bill McCurran

did most of the electrical work and

also arranged for the donation of power wiring from

Clipsal and other companies.

17 Nov AGM at new club Rooms Life Membership granted to

Bob Colsel VK2AWA

5 year’s club membership granted to Bi1l McCurran in appreciation

24 Nov Christmas party at Coffs Harbour Catholic Club.

29 Nov Amateur Examination

1994 13 Mar Family barbecue at Georges Gold Mine. .

26 Jun Tower dismantled from QTH VK2CRP, removed to club house.

Perc Sara Award VK2QV   Presented to Club Member

who is voted by the club to have done the best work

for the club in the previous year.


Some of the net operators over the years have been

Max Francis VK2BMK [not active]
Rick Fletcher VK2BKV [not active]
Phil Smith VK2PLC-sk
Norm Napper VK2FIN -sk
Ken Golden VK2DGT
Harry Ussher VK2DUJ-sk
Allen Gilson VK2PHZ now QE


From Allan Gilson VK2PHY [now QE] On the Field Day at George’s Gold Mine

in Sep 1981 Dave Harding VK2DUR and Harry Ussher VK2DUJ took

along a motor generator unit and floodlights. The rest of the group set up

camp at the foot of the hill but Dave and Harry set up on top.

That night there was a thunderstorm.To get up a 80m dipole Norm Napper

VK2FIN used a fishing rod to cast hauling lines over two 80ft trees.the time

On the Sunday Dave and Harry set up a 2 metre station and

wondered why they could not get out as they were at about 2000ft asl

The antenna was there for several months and eagles kept attacking over the time, and could not even raise the repeater. After several hours they finally realized that they did not have the co-ax connected.



Attending BRG, CAT, DGT, EVD, KTT –

Rowley (CRP) donated rotator and 2m Qagi.

20 Jul Club meeting. Discussion on club finances and repairs

to club house and mast.

First CHADARC Field Day

Planned 2 nd weekend Jan 1995. Planning For display at Plaza.

13/15 Oct. “Solitary Islands Award” ready for printer.

1995 8 Jan Club Field Day at Club Rooms

1 Apr Meeting re Packet Users Group formation.

15-17 Apr Urunga Convention.

19 Apr. Club meeting. Discussion formation of Packet Group.

 Report in 5X9April1995.

26 Apr Ray VK2BRG led a working party to work on tower..

Bob DQB to loan club FT-101 E for use when aerials installed --

possible donation if satisfactory. Peter EVB

Repaired club Philips FM828 for packet.. Also will loan club a 2 m txr

to enable access to voice & Packet?

Repeaters from club. Greg CAT to loan club 6a power supply.

Also has repaired club 2m Quagi. Fred FM & Ray BRG examined

tower to decide how to correct lean.

27 May Examination - Daryl Barwise passed AOCP theory.

Coffs Harbour Amateur Radio Club (Old Coffs Brass Band Room)

Members installing beam on tower 2007 Hogbin Drive.

Rex Hardacre Oval.

Arnold Austin VK2ADA [The current Net Operator with over 21 years service]

From Ray Golden VK2BRG At one of the early meetings at the Technical

College Peter Drady VK2DBI took along a starting pistol. Rick Fletcher

was demonstrating some equipment and when he switched on the supply

to it Peter fired the pistol.The result - the switch was very quickly turned off.

From Arnold VK2ADA


       At one of the early Morse classes at the Tech. College Hans Schumacher

VK2DGV was sending a Morse test using dirty German. Until Emil Hengartner VK2NEH started smiling,

Hans did not realize that there was anyone else in the class who understood German.

History of VK2RCH Repeaters

‘BOB’ and ‘PHIL’ & the Digipeater.

by Fred McSKIMMING, VK2BFM [now vk2fm]. 5th September. 1989.


Fred has been the maintenance officer from the time the repeater was installed on

Mt Coramba until his separation from Telstra in Nov, 2002.

Coffs Harbour and district Amateur Radio Club Members A.G.M. 2012


On the 8th February 1988, a ‘PACKET’ Repeater, ‘Digipeater’ was installed at the same site,

to operate on 147.575 MHz. This provided data communications on a store and forward basis.

A UHF unit has since been installed as an addition to the system.

In late 1989 a Philips FM—828 transceiver and new TNC,

that provided additional features.

Ken Golden VK2DGT: Vice president 2011

Coffs Harbour and District Amateur Radio Club, 40th Anniversary. 2018  


                      40th  Anniversary  CHADARC 2018                         40th  Anniversary  CHADARC 2018  
                            Gloria, Merv VK2DMS, Brian VK2DLM Paul Mainey VK2YX, Cheryll Mainey  
                           Ken Golden VK2DGT        Max Francis VK2BMK, oldest foundation member present  
   40th,  Foundation Members present, Russel Ashdown VK2VK, Max Francis VK2BMK,Ken Golden VK2DGT, Brian Lackie VK2DLM, Ray Golden VK2BRG.  
   Max Francis 90th Birthday  1/11 2018   





C.H.A.D.A.R.C. Radio Club Coffs Harbour 


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