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An Ordinary Seaman

By John Hayman


On The Outer Looking In

By John Michael Hayman

Two stories from life, of an old sailor, and his grandson who uncovered his own autism late in life. Read them on a digital reading device ! For a description of these books, and free downloads click synopsis .

A new improved version (above) has now been devised which provides a reliable means of providing Electrocardiography inexpensively and now more easily on computers. It consists of a compact, battery-powered amplifier unit which can feed information obtained from normal ECG electrodes to just about any PC. It is best used with a battery powered Notebook or Netbook machine. These often have no serial port, and facilities are now included for USB connection. My unit is housed in a small plastic box measuring 150 x 35 x 180 mm., which contains an analog amplifier, digital sampler, calibration parts, and ECG lead selection switches.  (Some previous versions contained minor errors in the lead selection lists.)
The analog amplifier may be assembled in several different forms, either as a proprietory built-up unit, kitset, or 'from scratch'. Full details for each option are shown in the next page. You will require fairly rudimentary skills in electronics assembly techniques, whichever option you choose.  If the kitset or built up unit is chosen you will need to assemble small additional modules to my design. 
I have chosen to use a small proprietary digital sampler, which is currently available from its manufacturer (April 2010), at very moderate cost. Alternatives to this would include oscilloscopes, and possibly various PC software packages which make use of the machine's sound-card to simulate oscilloscopes. These latter however can only be as good as the sound card, which may not have an adequate low end frequency response. Alternatively use a digital sampler of your choice.
It should be noted that as a retired Medical Practitioner with an interest , but NO EXPERTISE in Cardiology, Electrocardiography, or electronics, I present this project as something I consider to be of potential usefulness to professionals; but they should be guided by their own knowledge or the advice of qualified professionals in its use. I can accept no responsibility for any harmful effects caused by the use of devices made to this design, and while care has been taken to ensure safety in use, having regard to safety warnings in this document, it is the responsibility of the user to satisfy him/her self regarding safety before attempting to use the device. 

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