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Innovative Campers And Trailers - The Axis, The Advantage, The Exceed 

Introducing... The Axis | The Advantage | The Exceed

Our entry level “The Axis” uses the same quality tent, suspension, drawbar Chassis and body (Yes that’s right – side lockers ARE included) as our other models (why change what works well?) – the difference in our models is in the fit out.

The Advantage”, offers features that you would expect to make your camping experience more enjoyable and hassle-free. Then to add a little more luxury for those that don’t believe in “roughing it”, we have produced “The Exceed”, and as the name implies - will really exceed your expectations!

All custom trailers can be fitted with your choice of a 9ft or 12ft tent.

Check out the included and optional Camper Trailer Features.

Camper Trailer Brochures:

The Axis

The Advantage

The Exceed