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Google Maps ftw*

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Thanks to that marvel of cartography and satelite imaging, navigation to strange and unusual places which one would have 0 idea how to find has now become exceedingly easy. Now to remember to actually turn off at Eungai Rail.

* FTW = for the win, sometimes also abbreviated, 4tw. Gaming slang for a move that essentially means “you win”.

ps. cya on the other side of the new year.


Monday, December 25th, 2006

The annual family Christmas party was a usual affair. However, that quality of being “usual” has evolved.

All the “kids” have grown up, some have their own kids. The sight of them evokes memories of Christmas parties, and other similar gatherings, from long ago – long games of Monopoly while we waited for the completion of Mahjong; watching bad movies or TV shows that only get shown at 1 am in the morning because they’re that bad; the list of “uncles” and “aunties” we never really knew. Now I am one of those uncles someone doesn’t really know.

The long games of Mahjong, and hence long games of Monopoly, are no more, constrained by parents getting older and needing more sleep.

This year, I gave much, and hardly received, where once I would receive much and not actually have much capacity to give (except perhaps at the handover).

I used to think that I would have no idea what to give people. But my memory has aided me many times now in present selection – some more than others. While this does now create a standard I have set, it feels better to give many presents and receive no “dumb” presents this year.

Year + 1

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

So, it’s been a little over a year since this particular blog has been in existence over at Exetel.

Last year, I was playing cricket and making the biggest, longest and best innings of my life, wondering what was going to happen on beach mission without me, finishing up Sunday School, and having little idea of the future.

Making a list, and checking it twice

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Top 10 songs that don’t get boring even after hearing them infinitely many times on my MP3 player

10 Neil Finn, She will have her way, from Try Whistling This
9 Hunters and Collectors, Blindeye
8 Pearl Jam, Porch, from Ten
7 Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen Greatest Hits vol 1.
6 Pearl Jam, Sad, it’s a B-side. Available on the Lost Dogs double CD.
5 Queen, Somebody to Love, Queen Greatest Hits vol 1.
4 Split Enz, Charlie, Disrythmia
3 Live, Selling the Drama, from Throwing Copper
2 Queen and David Bowie, Under Pressure, from Hot Space, also on Queen Greatest Hits vol 2.
1 Split Enz, Bold As Brass, from the Extravagenza collection (a live album, ridiculously better than the studio version from Disrythmia)

Best moments of the year, in order of what bubbles to the top of the memory first

1 – Australia hitting the winning runs of the Adelaide Ashes test
2 – Adam Gilchrist belting the living daylights out of the England attack on Day 3 of the Perth Test to get the second fastest test century ever.
3 – The Quantum Reunion
4 – Finishing, and then receiving compliments for, Colossians talk

If it weren’t for this technology, I’d probably be insane at work

10 – WinXP port of Star Control 2
9 – Penny Arcade
8 – thedailyWTF
7 – Solitaire
6 – Walkman – for ABC radio during summer months
5 – Work MP3 library
4 – Dilbert
3 – VSParadise
2 – My MP3 library
1 – Headphones

Surprises that are very pleasant

Friday, December 15th, 2006

It’s customary for me to receive a Christmas bonus from work. The last two were, well, I guess rather nice and neat. So I kinda had an idea of what amount I might be expecting this year. Normally, also, our boss calls us over and says “well done, here’s your bonus” and all that. It seems he didn’t the time to do that yesterday, which doesn’t really matter, but the notification of my bonus nearly blew my socks off (despite the fact that I take them off at work). It was significantly more than I thought. Well, I guess given the apparent revenue performance I shouldn’t be that surprised, but, I wasn’t expecting this much extra money. It pushes my actual annual salary up quite a bit.

Now, while this is cool and all, I have to do something with this. Several thoughts come to mind, but perhaps I should hold onto that for a little while yet.

On giving and dinner parties

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Last night, our bible study concluded the year with dinner. For this dinner, I decided to bring dessert and made a cake, which turned out quite well considering I haven’t done one in ages and even managed to remember stuff my mum used to do when making cakes. Not going to forget that again too easily.

I also decided that I would give gifts. For me, this is actually unusual, since I generally feel the need to get people something ridiculously unique and perfectly suited. However, it’s probably a measure of the closeness I feel that I decided to get the others something. They were generic gifts, which probably sounds bad, but I say it as opposed to my usual personally tailored specificness.

Anyway, dinner was good – BBQ lamb and sausages, the dessert went down well, and people were pleasantly surprised at the giving of gifts. Apparently, I’m also psychic. Or just have a fine taste in chocolate. It sure does feel good to give – it feels more satisfying than receiving.

Legions, and other weekend stuff.

Monday, December 11th, 2006

T’was a busy weekend. We had the Legion of Superheroes sneak peek, plus it was Carols at church on Sunday night. That was actually rather fortuitous in that it meant that I didn’t have to rock up until something like 7pm, meaning I could play out the last round instead of cutting my losses and running.

Anyway, Legions seems to be a good set, despite my general unfamiliarity with these bunch of teenage superheroes from around the universe (apparently) and their enemies. Then again, does anyone really care that much? (cue nerdy fanboy throwing insults at me in some strange language, which is later revealed to be a comic book language)

Saturday, I didn’t do so well, but then again, I usually do better on occasions that aren’t the first. Sunday, I did quite well on both of the flights, scoring some decent stuff.

Carols was again a rather bland affair. I don’t think it went much longer than an hour and a quarter, judging by the time I got back home. I’m not really all that excited by Carols at our church now. I would really rather like to know if people in the crowd actually sing. Again, the wind played havoc with keeping candlelight stable. A few mosquito bites, was too rather tired from compounded weekend action (had a bit of a headache after calculating so much), so skipped supper and went straight home.

The word of Jason

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

I finally got my talk over and done with. And what a relief.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a talk, and this probably qualifies as first time preaching to a church audience.

I’ve been given good reviews thus far, reactions all round seem to go from “good” to “excellent”. Well, I guess 1.5 months worth of prep really shows.

One thing I’ve noticed, is that I’ve managed to pretty much eliminate those “umms” and “ahhs” – there’s supposed to be some technical name for those, but it doesn’t come to mind right now.

Anyway, if I feel like it, I might make some sort of transcript available somewhere later.

Low productivity day

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

I guess we’ll be seeing a few of these if the cricket keeps up like it does.

At the moment, because of the day 5 shenanigans at Adelaide, and because both of my computers are currently stuck doing work, I can’t really do much else but listen to the cricket. It also happens that we’ve got the TV picture coming in, so that’s all rather distracting as well. It doesn’t help that for the alst half hour we’ve been kept on our toes waiting for the last wicket. Exciting stuff. Good thing this will be all over soon otherwise I might not get much more prep done for my talk tomorrow night.

Flight of the Junketeer

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006


Spent about an hour at work, tying up loose ends, then headed down to the airport. The security people didn’t like my lightsabre (yes, this is a hint as to my costume) so I chucked it into someone’s bag which was going into luggage. These costumes, which we were all bringing, were to be of a movie theme.