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Random Miscellany, part 8.1

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

1) Nasty Kris Kringle is fun.

2) Not sure if doing all my Christmas shopping within 30 minutes is optimal. Then again, it helps when you already roughly know what you’re after.

3) Book 3 is done. The eight required chapters of Book 4 remain.

4) My 2010 diary is also stacked with recipes. This could be interesting.

5) Merry Christmas! Grace to you in this day of salvation!

The Art of Biblical Poetry

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

As per request, a brief shout out for Robert Alter’s companion book to his popular and well-received The Art of Biblical Narrative (BTW – I also recommend reading this book before 2nd year. So does Reuben, and also Chris).

This volume is differently structured than his previous. Whereas in the first volume a chapter is devoted to some device or structure or feature or such, here, the first three chapters outline the basics of how Biblical poetry works, and the rest are essentially an extended series of worked examples covering most of the extant genres of Biblical poetry. You’ll get the basic idea with those three chapters, but those worked examples are where the real payoff lies.

I heartily recommend this book. With Psalms coming up in second semester, this will probably be as useful as the other volume.

Expected denial

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

From the SMH:

Some beliefs seem to be contradictory. While 56 per cent of people believe in heaven, only 38 per cent believe in hell, and belief in God is much more popular than faith in the devil, with only 37 per cent of respondents believing in Satan.

Suspicious as I am generally of statistics (including courses in said subject, which from experience have been the height of unlistenability), I find the above interesting.
Even with the questions of “Are we talking about the same people?”, it’s intriguing and yet perhaps not unexpected that hell is a more uninviting prospect and easier to deny than the pie in the sky after you die. [sarcasm]I mean, it all turns out right in the end, right?[/sarcasm]
Still, a bit more than a third is not that bad, but perhaps it also tells us that the reality of judgment is something we need to well and truly alert people to.

Projects for summer 09-10

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

1) Convert a few pdf’s for publication at The Filing Cabinet

2) Develop aforementioned Greek and Hebrew course

3) Teach Jacqui and Andy enough Greek to make them not panic during Greek weeks

4) Read these books

5) That stuff I’m supposed to be doing that college told me to do.


Sunday, December 13th, 2009

29 years and about a month ago – day of birth

10 and a half years ago – first time at MYC; begin attending St James’ Croydon

10 years ago, thereabouts – First NTE; day of realisation of rebirth

a bit less than 9 years ago – first time at beach mission

8 and a half years ago – first time leading at a Cru camp

7 years ago – NTE moves to ANU

6 and a half years ago – finish B Comp Sci (UNSW)

5 and a half years ago – begin at Xplan

5 years ago – begin blogging at Blogger

4 years ago – blog shifts to current home

2 years ago – acceptance into Moore College; resignation from Xplan

1 year ago – start at Barneys, kinda.

Ideas for promoting Moore

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

My experience standing around and answering questions for the last few days has been instructive. Here’s some ideas I want to throw out there. If you know where the official line to send these is, let me know and I’ll forward it on.

1) Offline version of the Moore website
Why: internet access is not everywhere. Videos can be hi-res. Answers that go “it’s on the website somewhere” can be extended by “and if we check it out here …”
How: run a local copy with an appropriately configured Apache server

2) Frequently Asked Questions
I noticed that the website doesn’t have a page devoted to this. I also noticed various different questions that kinda hinged on the same underlying principle. It would also help if I knew the answers with some greater authority than my own experience, valuable as it may be. Seeing as Moore is getting into this whole video thing, you could film it.

3) More detailed pamphlets/brochures in addition to the single fliers we currently have
With the PTC courses, there is a guide that outlines the course units and what goes on. Surely some sort of guide that gives an outline of what to expect would be fairly helpful? It might also be helpful to say what is different between the BD and the BTh. Some people thought it was like the “candidate year” (this also harks back to my previous point).

reeNTEring, a fifth time

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Last year, NTE was a charm. This year, I was up against it.

Day 1


Friday, December 4th, 2009

I’ve just finished a week of learning a little linguistics, a little Uzbek, a dash of anthropology and hearing about the experience of Bible translation on Vanuatu. It’s been good. Some things were a total walk in the park for me (many may not be surprised at all by that). Other things were maybe a jog. Hearing about the perspectives of stuff on the field was great – helped me see a little more of what actually goes on out there. But I won’t really have much time to reflect and consider whether my thinking has changed with regards actually going overseas and doing translation stuff.

Also, Wycliffe/SIL generally have needs in many different areas, including teaching, admin, transportation (like flying and running a boat), mechanics, IT. If you feel like you want to serve out there but don’t think you are cut out because you’re not “like all those missionaries with Bible smarts and stuff” or something like that, ask Wycliffe if they could do something with what you’ve got.

Sat 28th – the itinerary

Friday, November 27th, 2009

8am – leave home
~ 8:40am – arrive at Wild St
9am – Doug and Jayme’s wedding
~ 11:45am – get out of there, head to Newtown
~ 12:30 – get lunch somewhere
~ 1pm – utilise facilities at Chappo to refresh before next wedding
~ 1:30pm – leave Chappo
[2pm - Vic and Claire's wedding, but I won't be there unless I can produce a cloning or teleportation device.]
2pm – arrive at St Tom’s
2:15pm – Snowy and Tania’s wedding
~ 4:30 – wonder what to do for an hour seeing as North Sydney business district is a ghost town on weekends.
5:30pm – Snowy and Tania’s reception in Manly
???? pm – Finally go home
???? pm – realise I need to keep the alarm set because I’m doing the morning service the next day …

So, what are you doing tomorrow?

Adventures in new software …

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

So, I finally decided to order Logos 4, and it recently arrived. To prepare for it’s arrival, and to otherwise extend the usable lifetime of my laptop, I doubled the RAM. Turned out to be a good call.