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Merry Christmas, 2010

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

As my gift, these are random tips for cooking.

1) When baking cheesecake, the key is to not overdo it or it’ll get a big crack. Small cracks are recoverable when it you stick in the fridge because those can still collapse. Ways to avoid disaster include a sheet of foil over the top, and vigilantly staying by the oven to know the exact time of retrieval.

2) When melting chocolate, if you have no idea how to control the chocolate’s temperature, constant stirring can compensate.

3) If you’re a pancake newbie, remember this basic ratio: 1:1:1 – 1 cup of self-raising, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg. Most special touches occur within the 1 cup of floury substance.

4) If you need a cheap meal for a weekend day at Chappo, packet ravioli or tortellini works well, since boiling water is never an issue, and all you need is for the hotplate to work.

5) In general, Silicone > Good baking paper > foil.

Random Miscellany, pt 98.27670

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

1) I’ve completed my research assignment for MPJ. I now know a heck of a lot more about Christian education in schools. Whilst I do have a broad interest in education, its more in adult education in churches. Nevertheless, it’s been good to see how theological commitments impact on educational policy. And also a fair bit about Christian parent-controlled schools!

2) I have a sermon to finish preparing for Boxing Day now to do. It’s based on the Hallelujah chorus, and the way its shaping out, it feels like a Biblical theology journey of living in the now-but-not-yet.

3) It was lovely to be at the everything-but-a-wedding and reception of Mark and Tanya. It was also great to catch up with the guys, especially Veithy.

4) As I told Brett Hall, maybe what Australia needs is 5 or 6 Mike Hussey’s. At least we found out that we can bowl England out.

5) Up until this year no one asked me about Logos. Now people wanting to know about Logos are coming from random places and times. Maybe BibleWorks ought to take the hint and revamp their user interface.

Handel’s Messiah – Comfort for God’s People

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

by Calvin Stapert
$17.95 @ MooreBooks

NTE 2010: a short summary

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

In about 15 minutes, the anithistamine will kick in and make me drowsy. Why? Canberra seems to be loaded with allergens with my name on it. Hence, a short summary.

Anyhoo, I led Strand 2 again, this time with Mark Leong from 1st year. We had a good though mostly reserved/quiet bunch of guys, but they seemed like pretty good guys and that was borne out from the talks I heard on the last day. Most of my other times were spent chilling at the MTC table again. I like it there. Also, there were various points at which there were gatherings such as at a cafe or for dinner. These too were good. I had a room by myself, which considerably improved the Formule 1 experience. Also, the food was markedly better, in quantity and quality. Except breakfast, which was probably the same, but I’d come prepared.

Next year? We’ll see what I’m doing post 4th year.

A few thoughts on Biblical Theology

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

I’m just putting a few bits and pieces out there in preparation for teaching strand 2 at NTE.

My idea this year is to use the analogy of a TV serial. These days, the really good TV series are the well-written ones. There’s usually at least 1 very good story arc over the course of a series, if not spanning multiple series, that binds the series together. An example of this is the most recent series of Doctor Who. They have 1 showrunner who is responsible for the series holding together. Most of the episodes had, in some small way, advanced the whole ‘cracks in time’ thing. Additionally, there is the multi-series spanning thing with River Song.
Put simply, the core ideas of Biblical Theology – one God, with one central message, the gospel, throughout the whole Bible, whose plot resolution is in Jesus – can be illustrated through the use of a good TV series.

On parting grief

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Last days are bittersweet. It’s at points like these that you realise why scattering is such a powerful judgment (see Gen 11). Friday was the last day of College for 2010. That day, more than other Final Friday’s, have I noticed the appreciable grief and sadness of the scattering that was about to occur. It’s probably because the more you connect, the more you have to sever when you have to part.

You probably haven’t realised that the fact that a local congregation eventually has to dissipate sometime after morning tea or supper is a fact of its earthly existence. We gather, and then we scatter. The fact that it’s a weekly event masks the theological reality of our earthly situation. On That Day, we will no longer scatter afterwards. There will no longer be a thinning out of the crowd. There will no longer be a pack-up crew, cleaning the dishes and turning off the lights. You won’t miss somebody because they’ve left just before you got around to talking to them. There will no longer be an early wake-up the next day that you need to get back home to bed for.

But That Day is not yet, though also now. I know I’ll see some of you when I’m vaguely around Newtown. I know there’s NTE in two weeks. I know there’s Earngey’s (second!) wedding a few weeks after that. And there’ll be the weekend away at some point. But after, we still have to go, and there will be some I won’t see for, I don’t know, ages.

So, I’ll miss you guys who are leaving us. But I at least know Dave will probably still be reading these, as long as I keep writing I suppose.

Good morning sweet sweet freedom

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

College work is done for the year. There are only the formalities of the end of year events and usual room cleaning left to go. We’ll be saying farewell to a few more of our year, so there’ll be some downside.

After that, I’ll be preparing for NTE, leading a Strand 2 group once again. As far as I know my co-lead doesn’t have a wedding on the first day so in theory it should be better than last year. I’m still working on some sort of plan to mitigate the spatial weaknesses of the site. It’ll be 2.5 weeks till we find out.

Beyond that I have few plans. Read more. Run. Much will depend on what happens with getting a research assistant spot. And whatever happens re: preaching.

30-2-30: 30

Friday, November 12th, 2010

There’s a party tomorrow. Check facebook for details.

An honour roll:
- Dave Miers, for commenting
- Mike Leong, for being a great friend
- Mark Earngey, for interesting conversations and other things besides
- Snowy, for pancakes and other fattening foods on the roof of Chappo
- Dan Bidwell, for eating aforementioned foods and otherwise being a top bloke
- Stan, for caring
- Tim and Dan, for getting better at Hebrew
- Nick Moll, for leading us in prayer
- Niggles, for endless amounts of humour
- Robbo, for being a great neighbour
- Joan, for welcoming me back every time
- Ben Cosford, for giving me a chance
- JR, for encouragement
- Mark Smith, without whom, where would I be?
- Haz, for good games
- Gary, for more interesting games with Haz
- many in the 5pm @ St James, for a feeling of home
- Ralph Whitten, for bringing your cajon

A list of nicknames (incomplete, not in any particular order):
- Jas-ooooon
- JA
- Au-chow
- Jauch
- Jase
- Jay
- Jay-Z
- J-Dog
- Institutes

A list of erroneous names (incomplete):
- Alex
- Justin
- James
- Jonathon

30-2-30: 29

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

The end is nigh …

More lists. More tomorrow.

- the roof of Chappo by day, for blue sky
- the roof of Chappo at night, in the far corner, watching King St or the stars, for solitude and peace
- the park bench outside my room, for reading
- the library on Tuesday and Thursday nights, for reading with a hum of air con

An airing of grievances, and other concerns (anonymised, for etiquette):
- to those who did not remember, for a day I’d rather forget
- to one who seems unaware, from one with endless self-awareness. Have you checked the specks in your eye?
- for those who do not ask, and thus, do not receive.
- to those who did not seek me, and then sought me half-heartedly. You lost me the first time round.
- to a girl who confused me with closeness, and troubling me with distance.
- to another girl, for thinking I’d ever ask again. I never would and I’m still not going to.

30-2-30: 28

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

The first of several lists, to do with life in the last few years.

To fallen comrades:
- Sam Mak – that Millie gal better be looking after you
- Chris Smith – missing playing Pro Evo and other things besides
- Veithy – It’s just not the same without you

For my FYG, or, the people who hung out with the Cameron’s bunnies on Wednesday mornings:
- Richard Maegraith – still loving your CD
- Tim and Belinda – you guys are great
- Dee – I hope Nick’s treating you well!
- Julie – that was a nice trip down to Albury for mission, despite even the hideously boring countryside
- Bruce Pass – you’ve rehabilitated my mental references of ‘Bruce’ to good!
- Brooksy – still stoked that you’ve come this far since Uni.