Doctrine – What Christians Should Believe

By Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears
Crossway 2010
$24.95 @ Moore Books

This review will be intentionally brief.

First of all, this book is not a systematic theology. It is, rather, an exposition of stuff that seems essential to Christian faith and life. Hence the by-line on the title. This comes out in the exhortations about practical implications throughout the work. The book structures itself not on traditional systematic theology lines, but kinda Biblically theologically. If you read the contents, you might understand what I’m getting at.

Second, whilst there are some things I wouldn’t stake my life on, I found that I mostly agreed with what was said. Some things I wouldn’t assert as strongly as the authors have, and some minor points I’d have to think about whether I did agree, but there’s no way you can read this book and think that these guys don’t love Jesus.

Third, this book is aimed at the regular Christian. There’s no real complicated theology – things are normally drawn (in some way shape or form) from the Bible. This has both pluses and minuses – some things do require some sophistication to assert properly, but you do get to see that the Bible is where all this comes from.

I think this book is worth reading simply to give yourself a spoonful of concrete to harden yourself up. Read it yourself, and then decide whether you’d think the people you’re looking after should read this. I think it’ll join stuff like Packer’s Knowing God as a book to help someone become firmer in faith. It is probably significantly easier to read than Packer as well.

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