A House Divided: The Quest for Unity within Anglicanism

by Tom Frame
Acorn Press 2010
$27 @ Moore Books

I’m not sure if the sub-title is a misnomer. Whilst Part 1 of the book certainly looks at the factions within Australian Anglicanism, the book shifts focus to, not so much unity, but reformation in Australian Anglicanism.

Which I think is really what the book is about. The various critiques and proposals by Tom Frame are pointed to re-energising and re-enabling ministry and mission in Australian Anglicanism. I find this a worthy attempt. He looks at the sources of problems that are both within, such as factions and institutions, and without, such as atheism, but the bulk is on the “within”.

I find that with my limited experience of Australian Anglicanism I am sometimes unsure of what he is critiquing. I don’t know what it’s like to be a bishop, and I haven’t experienced Anglicanism outside of Sydney. I feel I would have a better handle on his critique and his solutions if I had a better handle on what he is describing. Perhaps someone older and smarter than I should read this and tell me if the descriptions ring true to them.

Nevertheless, the focus on promoting evangelism and defending the gospel is to be lauded. It’s helping me think that way about the things I am doing and perhaps will be doing.

I would suggest reading this in tandem with Facing the Future, reviewed here earlier this year, and comparing and contrasting the descriptions and prescriptions in each.

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