30-2-30: 28

The first of several lists, to do with life in the last few years.

To fallen comrades:
- Sam Mak – that Millie gal better be looking after you
- Chris Smith – missing playing Pro Evo and other things besides
- Veithy – It’s just not the same without you

For my FYG, or, the people who hung out with the Cameron’s bunnies on Wednesday mornings:
- Richard Maegraith – still loving your CD
- Tim and Belinda – you guys are great
- Dee – I hope Nick’s treating you well!
- Julie – that was a nice trip down to Albury for mission, despite even the hideously boring countryside
- Bruce Pass – you’ve rehabilitated my mental references of ‘Bruce’ to good!
- Brooksy – still stoked that you’ve come this far since Uni.


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