30-2-30: 29

The end is nigh …

More lists. More tomorrow.

- the roof of Chappo by day, for blue sky
- the roof of Chappo at night, in the far corner, watching King St or the stars, for solitude and peace
- the park bench outside my room, for reading
- the library on Tuesday and Thursday nights, for reading with a hum of air con

An airing of grievances, and other concerns (anonymised, for etiquette):
- to those who did not remember, for a day I’d rather forget
- to one who seems unaware, from one with endless self-awareness. Have you checked the specks in your eye?
- for those who do not ask, and thus, do not receive.
- to those who did not seek me, and then sought me half-heartedly. You lost me the first time round.
- to a girl who confused me with closeness, and troubling me with distance.
- to another girl, for thinking I’d ever ask again. I never would and I’m still not going to.


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