30-2-30: 30

There’s a party tomorrow. Check facebook for details.

An honour roll:
- Dave Miers, for commenting
- Mike Leong, for being a great friend
- Mark Earngey, for interesting conversations and other things besides
- Snowy, for pancakes and other fattening foods on the roof of Chappo
- Dan Bidwell, for eating aforementioned foods and otherwise being a top bloke
- Stan, for caring
- Tim and Dan, for getting better at Hebrew
- Nick Moll, for leading us in prayer
- Niggles, for endless amounts of humour
- Robbo, for being a great neighbour
- Joan, for welcoming me back every time
- Ben Cosford, for giving me a chance
- JR, for encouragement
- Mark Smith, without whom, where would I be?
- Haz, for good games
- Gary, for more interesting games with Haz
- many in the 5pm @ St James, for a feeling of home
- Ralph Whitten, for bringing your cajon

A list of nicknames (incomplete, not in any particular order):
- Jas-ooooon
- JA
- Au-chow
- Jauch
- Jase
- Jay
- Jay-Z
- J-Dog
- Institutes

A list of erroneous names (incomplete):
- Alex
- Justin
- James
- Jonathon


One Response to “30-2-30: 30”

  1. dave miers says:

    happy birthday jase!!
    hope you’re having a killer day and that the doc exam was to your liking!