A few thoughts on Biblical Theology

I’m just putting a few bits and pieces out there in preparation for teaching strand 2 at NTE.

My idea this year is to use the analogy of a TV serial. These days, the really good TV series are the well-written ones. There’s usually at least 1 very good story arc over the course of a series, if not spanning multiple series, that binds the series together. An example of this is the most recent series of Doctor Who. They have 1 showrunner who is responsible for the series holding together. Most of the episodes had, in some small way, advanced the whole ‘cracks in time’ thing. Additionally, there is the multi-series spanning thing with River Song.
Put simply, the core ideas of Biblical Theology – one God, with one central message, the gospel, throughout the whole Bible, whose plot resolution is in Jesus – can be illustrated through the use of a good TV series.

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