NTE 2010: a short summary

In about 15 minutes, the anithistamine will kick in and make me drowsy. Why? Canberra seems to be loaded with allergens with my name on it. Hence, a short summary.

Anyhoo, I led Strand 2 again, this time with Mark Leong from 1st year. We had a good though mostly reserved/quiet bunch of guys, but they seemed like pretty good guys and that was borne out from the talks I heard on the last day. Most of my other times were spent chilling at the MTC table again. I like it there. Also, there were various points at which there were gatherings such as at a cafe or for dinner. These too were good. I had a room by myself, which considerably improved the Formule 1 experience. Also, the food was markedly better, in quantity and quality. Except breakfast, which was probably the same, but I’d come prepared.

Next year? We’ll see what I’m doing post 4th year.

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